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Thursday, September 29, 2005

............Blood Brother...................

I just read Blood Brother: 33 Reasons My Brother Scott Peterson by Anne Bird. It confirmed what I (and most of the country) believed; that motherfucker is guilty as sin.

I skimmed through the first few pages because it was a biography on Anne and so, I started reading when she explains how she reconnected with her birth mom Jackie Peterson (she put Anne up for adoption) and the Peterson family in 1997. They accepted her with open arms and she did the same. She grew a tight bond with Scott, Laci and Jackie.

Anne went into great detail the time that she had spent with them over the past 5 years. It really showed how close she was, how Scott had changed, and that "jumping ship" was not easy for her because she loved him and the Petersons. Her marriage suffered greatly because her husband felt that Scott was guilty early on. She didn't "jump ship" until the bodies were found. Yes people, it took her THAT long to realize that the majority of Americans were right.

It's understable why it took her so long to come out of denial. I mean, imagine someone that you loved committing such a heinous act. Could you stand by them til' the end even if the evidence and their behavoir was undeniable?

Any SANE man whose wife and unborn son are missing doesn't act as if everything is ok and that's what Scott did. He flirted with Anne's babysitter, her parents neighbor, and went to a gay club. He got upset that no one made a pass at him! A murderer is in no way a TURN ON! During her disappearance, he continued to speak to Amber Frey and watched the constant news coverage on him! Here's the kicker, he would actually get annoyed when Anne would try to help find Laci! She unfolded a map and asked him where Laci would go and he was irritated that she did that!

He's a monster, pure and simple. Instead of ruining his golden boy image by leaving his pregnant wife, he murdered her. That is unforgivable. He took away a vibrant life and a promising one that was never given a chance. Becuse of his selfish and cruel actions, the people of have suffered and he doesn't even give a fuck. The bastard is evil and the death sentence is too kind of a punishment.

The man was going to flee much like OJ, he had a truck full of supplies and thousands of dollars when he was arrested. What innocent man would do that???? He knew that what he did would be found out and tried to take he coward's way out.

Yes, OJ and possibly Michael Jackson got away with their crimes. But their public image is forever scarred. OJ will always be a murder and Michael will always be associated with his molestation trials. Neither of them will ever recover and that is their punishment.

Thankfully, justice was served because until his family stops appealing his sentence, he is going to rot in prison. I wouldn't be surprised if he were shanked before then. Prisoners don't look too kindly on those who murder children, especially if they were unborn. What's done in the dark will come into the light.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

......Sex, Lies, STI and that Angry ass Nun................

From Jessica Simpson’s virginity vow to the charming yet very cheesy Trojan condom commercials; sex is everywhere in today’s mainstream society. So, it is nearly impossible for anyone let alone teenagers to avoid this issue since it is in every form of media that they are expose to. A pornographic image of the famous adult film star Jenna Jameson is only a mouse-click away opposed to the last century where men would hide magazines like Playboy and Penthouse under their mattresses. Let’s face it, sex is and will always be a vital issue amongst teens and it is their right to be educated about the subject.

First and foremost, it is the parents’ responsibility to educate and discuss sex. Whether they choose to believe it or not, they are the most influential people in their son/daughter’s life. Age fourteen is the appropriate age to bring up this issue since most teens are going through puberty and statistics show that some adolescents are already experimenting at that age. When discussing the topic they must go beyond “The Birds and the Bees” and must touch upon the physical and emotional aspect that sex entails. Along with the benefits and possible consequences that sex can have. And parents must stress that more often than not, having sex at a young age is not a wise idea because their rampant hormones and his/her maturity level. Last but definitely not least, parents must trust their child and let him/her decide how he/she will conduct their sex life. Ultimately, it is their son/daughter’s decision.

Schools also have a great responsibility to educate
America’s youth about sex. However, since President Bush has been in office, today’s teens are putting themselves in jeopardy. It’s no secret that President Bush has Christian values one of them being sexual abstinence until marriage. He is entitled to his own beliefs but it is not his place to enforce them onto others. This didn’t stop him and his administration from only funding schools that choose to advocate abstinence-only training where teens sign pledges swearing that they will save themselves for marriage. There are many flaws surrounding abstinence-only training the main one being the educators are condemning condoms stating that they are ineffectual. They also warn students that premarital sex is the equivalent to signing their death certificate. One of the educators clearly says “Then be prepared to die!” to a student asking what would happen to him if he had premarital sex. The claims listed above are utterly ridiculous and false. By condemning condoms and contraception use they are endangering these teens because instead of having vaginal intercourse, they are having UNPROTECTED oral and anal sex. It’s common knowledge that both sex acts can result in a sexually transmitted infection/disease being contracted. This is not mentioning teen pregnancy as another consequence of abstinence-only training.

In a perfect world, every one of these teens who sign these pledges would uphold them. Realistically, many will but MOST will not. Over two-thirds of teenagers will lose their virginity by the time they graduate high school. Numbers have shown that junior high students are already experimenting with oral sex. And according to Candies Event to Prevent 4 out 10 women will have experienced at least one pregnancy by age twenty. Whether the President, his administration, parents and America’s education system like it or not, teenagers are sexually active. The worse thing that we as a society can do is let today’s youth remain ignorant of contraception use, the effectiveness of them, sexually transmitted infections/ diseases and HIV/AIDS. Today’s teenagers should be armed with the proper information instead of making life-altering and dangerous decisions about an issue that they nothing about.

This is the new millennium and that angry nun from the 1950’s waving her finger at teenagers saying “Don’t have sex before marriage OR ELSE!” needs to be retired because she’s not as intimidating as she used to be. Things have changed; couples are living together BEFORE walking down the aisle and some do not choose marriage. The message that needs to be conveyed is either don’t have sex or use contraception. It’s that simple and yet, it’s very difficult to get that across when there are so many who refuse to accept it as reality. The consequences are dire because America’s future is at risk.

Monday, September 26, 2005

......Calling out the conservative Christians.......

I've had my share of celebrity fluff and it was fun! But now, it's back to the bitchin'! Oh and before I start I'm going to rant about the bad Christians, yes the ones that hate homosexuals and will do anything to stop them from getting the rights that they are entitled to.

Shay Clark, a 14 year-old girl was expelled from her Christian school when it was discovered that her parents are lesbians. And no, this didn't happen in the "Bible Belt" in the US, this took place in Canada! The school's policy is at least one parent cannot be taking part in immoral activities and that includes a homosexual relationship or "living in sin". Yet, there have not been any reports about them booting out students with unwed parents.

This is just another case where Christians are condemning gays and frankly, they enjoy it. They try to find ANY way to punish or discriminate against them! Her parents aren't attending the school, SHE is. Obviously, they were hiding who they were to protect her because their relationship was discovered when Shay was punished for talking to the crowd during a football game.......yeah when did speaking during a sporting event become a punishable action????? My theory is Shay had a few bible thumpers on her case and they used her talking at the game as a way to get her kicked out and expose her parents. Understandably, her parents are not going to fight the school's ruling but I would.

These Christians only believe moral individuals are exactly like them. And, it's nothing is a sin if they're doing it and it's being covered up. The rest of the s0-called morals they have is bullshit because the most inhumane and immoral people on this Earth. Don't even get me started on the priests that robbed the innocense of many young boys! Yet, the Pope did nothing to punish fucked up is that?! They are not better than us because they live a "holy" life, they're just arrogant and enjoy condemning those who are sane and honest with themselves.

The only thing they value is money. I know some people who have left the church because they were given looks of contempt for not putting enough money in the collection plate. Yeah, like God cares if you put a dollar in! It's not going into his pocket! They also cause more suffering in the world by not letting donations go to Africans with AIDS/HIV too! Why? Because the money comes from "liberal" churches that accept gays. They'll accept money from non-christians that are anti-gay but secret sinners. Boy, aren't their values great?!

Wow, these Christians always find ways to surprise me. They pride themselves on projecting a caring, tolerant and compassionate image but it's a fucking facade. Oh and leave Harry Potter the fuck alone!

Peace Out,

Sunday, September 18, 2005

........Ten Items or less: The Celebrity Couplings edition......

Hello mah babies, this entry will be fun and frivolous because my past rantings have been serious. Sometimes, I need a little break from this fucked up world we live in today! Let the pointless celebrity ramblings begin!

1. Brad and Angelina are still trying to save world and god bless them for their efforts! My beloved but very discreet pairing attended the Clintion Global Summit this past week. Although from what I gather this was not the event where they chose to come out as an official pair and so they attended on separate days. I don't doubt that both days ended with them meeting at a hotel to talk about the summit, read to the kids, tuck them in and then had some post-world saving sex. Ah, life is GRANDE. Sadly, there has been a lack of Papa Pitt and Mama Jolie pics. I guess Mad and Zahara were letting the 'rents have their saving the world/"alone" time together. They are such thoughtful kids!

In a recent Good Morning America interview Ms. Jolie was talking about little Zahara's weight gain and how "we" call Zahara by her new nick name "Chubby". Now, she didn't specifiy who "we" was but I think it's safe to assume "we" is Brad and Mad. Yes, it is only a matter of time before she says Brad...2 weeks to be exact! Here are some pics of the world's hottest Milf and Dilf at the Summit.

I am lovin' the dark hair! His eyes are so captivating! Keep the look B, me and many others love it!
Great profile shot of Ms. Jolie and confirmation that she doesn't need to pull off the "concerned" look unlike Ms. Hilton.

2. So Britney finally gave birth to her son, Preston Michael this past Wednesday. Of course Kevin wanted to name him "free ride" but he decided against it since he was the only one in the room laughing when he made the suggestion. We all know what this means! Armageddon is-ah comin'! Seriously, I wish Britney the best and I hope in 2006 her, Preston and Justin are happy together....heheheh that's right, you read that line correctly!

3. Renee and Kenny are kaput! Man, only after MONTHS of being wedlock they throw in the towel. I guess Renee didn't have him at hello! Was anyone really surprised that these two didn't last??? So, Mr. President and the religious right, how are homosexuals endangering the sanctity of marriage again?? Oh yes, by outlasting "Blessed" heterosexual unions such as the one mentioned above and raising otherwise abandoned, orphaned, or abused children. Mmm..I see now.

4. Bennifer 2 are still together (who would have imagined?! Well besides their fans), Jennifer is still implanted with his seed, Vartan is still long gone, and Ben is seeing a psychologist! Sounds like everything is going well in the world of Bennifer 2. Although with Ben seeing a shrink, I wouldn't be surprised if he went AWOL before, during or after the birth of their baby girl. Yes, I'm still holding out hope that baby will look exactly like Michael Vartan!

5. Eat your heart out Paris because Nicole has moved on! She has befriended another grotesquely skinny Hollywood "It" girl. And who is this young starlet you ask, well it is no other than Mischa Barton! Wow, replace one skinny bitch with another skinny but YOUNGER bitch. You go Nicole! Yeesh, eat a sandwich girl because you look like you're 12!

6. Freddie Prinze and Sarah Michelle Gellar had a wonderful 3rd anniversary I hear. He brought her to Woo Lae Oak which is a popular Korean restaurant in Beverly Hills and he cooked for her! Awwwwww! I hope these two get to baby making real soon lol Please, checkout his show Freddie when it airs! And no, I'm not his PR rep I just believe that he is well-suited for sitom life.

*Smooches* for SMG!

How Good it is to be loved by you!

You better not be eating anything sugary because you're going to have a sweetness overload!

That's it for now my babies! Keep cool, and keep your eyes and ears open for anymore happening in LaLa Land.

Much love,

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Wednesday, September 14, 2005


"It's the sense of touch. In any real city, you walk, you know? You brush past people, people bump into you. In LA, nobody touches you. We're always behind this metal and glass. I think we miss that touch so much, that we crash into each other, just so we can feel something."-Graham aka the wonderful Don Cheadle from Crash

The film opens with Don Cheadle saying this beautiful quote after being involved in a very minor car accident. From that point on, I knew that this film was going to live up to its expectations. There was a lot of positive buzz about this movie and honestly, I was a little afraid to watch it because I thought I would be disappointed. Now, I've realized how wrong I was.

is best movie that I've seen in a GREAT while. Don't get me wrong, I love popcorn movies but I'd rather watch a flick that I can really sink my teeth into than a big budget blockbuster. And I must say, Crash was a delectable
piece of celluloid! The major reason why the film is so amazing is because of Paul Haggis. I can't believe the creator of the charmingly cheesy "Walker, Texas Ranger" wrote and directed this film! Although I have to hand it to him, he has true courage as an artist. He wrote and directed a brilliant, daring, honest and eye opening film. For that, he deserves snaps and a gold star!

Racism and prejudice is the main theme of the film. It didn't take place in a stereotypical small town in the South or Midwest. Instead, these interweaving stories were told in Los Angeles which is one of the most diverse cities in the US and the world. Haggis used Los Angeles to show that racism and prejudice is EVERYWHERE and that the difference is it's more blatant in some areas than it is in others. Even though this is his first directing effort, he used Los Angeles as if it were a character. There were a lot of aerial shots and close ups of traffic, car lights, city streets etc. A lot of his transition shots worked well like when one character would open a door we'd be introduced to another one opening another door. Since he wrote a gritty, and well developed script he didn't need to choose style over substance when it came to him behind the lens. The direction was very simple yet appropriate and set the proper tone for the film.

To say the script was well written would be an understatement. Since it's not fluff and doesn't have a muscular hero ready to blow stuff up, it was given a very small budget to work with. Of course, that didn't matter in this case because the film flourished on its own. The plot is a bit complicated because there are so many characters with their own stories but after the first couple of minutes the viewer well get so wrapped up into the movie that there won't be a reason for him or her to be confused. Each character is so developed, flawed and intriguing in their own way. None of them are flat and most have their own arc by the ending credits. Also, most races were well represented and each of them were guilty of being racist or prejudiced. It was just the stereotypical white or black person being intolerant.

Most of the dialogue was very real and I don't doubt that there individuals who have said those hurtful and ignorant words. There's a line in the film that rang very true to me and it's said by Terrence Howard when he is talking to Ludacris (a carjacker). He calls him an embarrassment to their race and to himself. After hearing him say that I nodded because there have been times when I've wanted to say those exact words to a fellow Asian who cried over getting an A- instead of a A+ or to the drama queen (who was black) that cried racism when the bus driver asked her to pay full fare, and the times when the some black people are being loud and obnoxious while in a movie theatre. In high school I wanted to tell all those rich white boys to stop acting as if they grew up in the ghetto and to stop calling each other the N word. But I didn't because I was afraid of being perceived as racist and now, I regret it. There are times when people need to be called out.

All of the performances were just superb. Most of these actors had to say some pretty difficult and racist lines and it showed how fearless why saying it with such conviction and dedication to their characters. I couldn't do that because I know what it is like to be called a racist name and I would never want anyone to experience that kind of pain even if it was just for a film and I'm only acting. Ludacris is the only other rapper besides Ice Cube that has genuine acting chops. He really did impress me and I hope he chooses more meaty roles to display his talent. Sandra Bullock was excellent as the angry racist white woman. She is more than America's funny Texan sweetheart and this role conveyed that perfectly. The woman has true moxy, range and an edge that I would love to see more often. Brendan Fraser is not his usual quirky, kooky and funny self neither. He is a bit selfish, arrogant and serious as a district attorney. Like Sandra, he portrayed his role with passion and with such great conviction that you forget that he is George of the Jungle LOL. Ryan Phillippe wisely chose an interesting part to play and he nailed it. The man is so much more than a great body and pouty lips. I predict that Terrence Howard and Don Cheadle will one of the few black actors that will eventually receive an Oscar. Their presence and talent alone are mesmerizing. Matt Dillion performance was amazing and his climatic scene with Thandie Newton's character is so enthralling that you cannot take your eyes off the screen. I tip my hat to the rest of the cast for giving it their all and for making the film a great success.

The message that I walked away with is tolerance, education and acceptance. Instead of listening to the media, people around us, we cannot choose ignorance and accept hate into our lives. We have to make our own INFORMED opinions about a person instead of following someone else's perconceived notions. Because whether we like to admit it or not, we're ALL HUMAN no matter our race, religion, gender and sexual orientation. And as humans we need to accept, and to take care of one another because we're all connected.

See this film
, don't brush it aside because of what critics, politlcal pundits, or your friends and family have said about it. Naviete is what we're born with and ignorance is what you are choosing if you do not see this film!!

Friday, September 09, 2005

......It takes a gay village............

So once again, a politician buckled under pressure from the religious right. Arnold or "Ah-nuld" as I call him, is going to veto a bill that would make gay marriage legal (once again!) in the beautifully BLUE state of California. I would understand this move if he were the governor of let's say...Texas because those bible thumpers are insane and would do anything to harm anyone who isn't like them. But he has to be in one of the bluest states in the entire country! It's ok Ah-nuld, you're safe there! There is still hope left because he has until October 9th to veto it.

Although not surprisingly, Brad (not Mr. Pitt) tried to urge those who are opposed to tell "Ah-nuld" how he should veto it. Look, you Will Truman motherfucker, you're gay! We get it, you have to hide because you're also Catholic boo-fucking-hoo! It doesn't matter how hard you pray or how many petitions you sign trying to stop your people, you will always be a gay man! Ok, it's like a brown-eyed man wearing blue eye contacts for everyday of his life!! It doesn't matter how many times he wears them his eyes will never turn BLUE! Just like how you will never be less gay despite how hard you try not to be!

Anyway, Ah-nuld's refusal to sign the bill reminded me of Star Jones Reynolds saying how she believed that marriage is a religious institution/union. Now, I will cut her some slack because she didn't say that she was against gay marriage but she did hint that she might be. Ok, does she KNOW how many gay men it takes to make her look decent??? Does she? I know that she has a few in her life because I've seen her interact with them. The same goes for Ah-nuld and his lady too because let's face it they live in Hollywood AND like Star, it takes a lot of gay men to make them look good.

When will people like them realize that just because gays work for you, doesn't mean that they're below you or any less human.

.......Apathy Works for Them.....

I find it sad and disgusting that I have yet to meet a pro-Bush person that actually feels compassion for the victims of Katrina. From our many conversations not once have they sent their condolences or uttered a kind word about them. Instead, they solely blame the victims themselves and that is down right callous and heartless.

Yet, I think it’s odd because a lot of pro-Bush people are a part of the religious right (more like reich). These individuals are supposed to be moral and in touch with America’s true values (meaning Christian). That’s laughable because the ones that I have encountered are without compassion, tolerance, sympathy and selflessness (that’s right W’s mama I’m talking about you!). Unlike 9/11, their beloved leader was not depicted as strong and fearless. He was exposed for what he really is; an incompetent idiot with a lot of money, power and nepotism by his side.

Call me paranoid, a conspirator or just a liberal bitch. But am I the only one that believes Bush and his administration purposely allow catastrophes to occur so he can swoop in and be this country’s white knight? It worked for 9/11, before that his approval ratings were as low as they are now (pretty depressing). So, I assume that Bush and his regime believed the same tactic would work with Katrina…oh how wrong they were. Because unlike 9/11, the local and federal government have known New Orleans vulnerability to a hurricane for years! Yet, nothing was done during the time prior to Katrina’s arrival. Nope, the big wigs just sat on their asses and assumed that Americans would praise them for cleaning up the wreckage. Yes, because tardiness and laziness are such a sought after virtues. Just like Courtney Love is a well-adjusted woman.

So now, it’s up to the American people to cleanup the mess that government didn’t take care of before hand. While the Bush supporters that I have met continue to defend their leader, REAL Americans will care for their own instead turning their backs to them.


Monday, September 05, 2005

........Kanye has cajones!................

So, for those of you who didn't catch NBC's telethon for the refugees of the Katrina Hurricane or has chosen to not watch any television for the past couple of days, Mr. West made some pretty bold statements concerning, Bush and the media's portrayl of black Americans. Honestly, I don't think it was a great time to rant but I will hand it to him he has cajones for doing it!

Although I don't agree his closing statement where he said that "George Bush doesn't care about black people" Correction, he only cares about people that can help move forward in his political career. Did anyone else notice that Katrina hit the red states the ones that helped Bush win the election??? I'm assuming that a lot of the people that voted for him though that he would take care of this country and its people whether it be through a terrorist attack or a natural disaster and sadly, the latter has proven to be wrong. Because unlike 9/11 it took DAYS for this administration to handle this situation and everyone knew that this bitch Katrina was a coming! Maybe, this administration (much like its supporters) don't believe in any scientific information whatsoever.

Many innocent lives have been lost and the death toll will raise and why? Because this country's leader was on vacation and like before did not prepare for this foreshadowed event ahead of time. Great going George!

Kanye and I agree on another point as well. The media portrayl of miniorities is biased and racist. I doubt that only "black people" are the only ones that are looting and misbehaving. Although I won't go into this, since I already covered this in an previous entry titled "Only the Beautiful Matter". Yes, it is pretty fucked up that blacks are portrayed in such a negative light during this horrible tragedy.

Mr. West was obvisouly ignoring the teleprompter because he was not as eloquent as he usually is. But I bet you a billion dollars that he is not the only one that thinks and feels that way. So, for that I commend him.

Now, I just hope that the cities and towns affected will be able to rebuild, reunite and move on. My heart goes out to them because like many times before our leader has broken another promise and many, many innocent lives have been lost because of it.


Thursday, September 01, 2005

..........Let's Wait Awhile......

I would like to thank Ms. Janet Jackson for the title of the entry. Yes, that's right mah babies, I footnote lol

From my last entry, it's obvious that I'm a Brad and Angelina fan. And I refuse to refer to them as "Brangelina" because I actually like this pairing and couples with combined names are not a favorite of mine. There are rumors that these two are going to get married in October when Brad's divorce from Jennifer is legally official. A lot of their fans are happy and some even have a countdown going on. I will be relieved for both parties that this burden is off their shoulders. Although I must confess, I haven't jumped onto the marriage bandwagon just yet.

Now I know that there is a great chance that a Brangelina fan is reading this....So, let me explain my fellow shipper. I think that these two need to take it slow, especially since they're both of equal status in Lala land aka Hollywood. If they do wed, this will be Angelina's third marriage and his second. So, I believe that they should be cautious before walking down that aisle. I say this because I want them to be the younger, hotter, and modern version of Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson. Unlike Tom and Rita they would be on the same level as well.

Honestly, no one wants to be like Larry King or Liz Taylor with multiple marriages under their belts. Well..maybe Britney Spears and Jennifer Lopez but that's for another entry lol Yes, I completely understand why they would want to tie the knot because of their relationship, and that little Maddox and Zahara would want Papa Pitt to be their official Papa. He'd have the family that he's always wanted and Angelina would be with a man that appreciates her. Then they'd be the most beautiful couple ever! HANDS DOWN!

On the other hand, there's nothing wrong with living with each other first and that includes not working. I don't want these two to be another example of why marriage is losing it sanctity, there are already enough famous folks on that long list. My dear Brad and Angelina do not deserve to be in the same company as Britney Spears and the semi-famous Hilton sister. They are so above all of those losers.

The reason why I feel so strongly about this is because I like both of them and I view marriage as a very serious and sacred bond. I personally want to do it once and well, do it right! When children are involved, the situations become complicated because their hearts are also at risk too. I'm cautiousy optimistic for these two and for myself when it comes to to this union.

I wish them the best, and hope that they think before into jumping into anything. If a wedding happens, I better get an invitation...or at least leave the kitchen door open for me so I can sneak in..