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Friday, February 16, 2007

.....Four More Years and this time it's for the good of the country!..

Yesterday, NBC made it official, my dear KO and Countdown have signed one for 4 more years for a $4 million dollar per year contract! Like Angelina, Brad, Tom Hanks, Stephen and Jon, he is worth every damn penny. This new deal also includes occasional essays for NBC Nightly News and two Countdown specials that will air on the mother network each year.

Now I'm not going to pretend that I was with KO from the beginning. MSNBC was definitely NOT on my "watchlist" back in 2003 but neither were the news and politics. But I've seen how Countdown and Keith's popularity has grown during this year and it's been phenomenal. To say the least, I'm proud of him. The ratings stick that his critics used to beat him with is now whittled down to a twig since Countdown is winning key demographics that Faux News and CNN aren't, especially when it comes to events like The State of the Union Address. The people in this country who aren't octogenarians and senile are tuning in because they actually want real news mixed with fluff opposed this administration's propaganda. As Samuel L. Jackson would say, it's about motherfucking time!

I can't help but feel a renewed sense of hope because of this wonderful news. Keith is the only real voice of reason and courage in this chaotic world. Even though he knows that he's risking everything to speak the truth it doesn't stop him. Whatever happens during the next four years I am honored to know that he will voice what Americans (like myself) are feeling. Spot on MSNBC, spot on.


Sunday, February 11, 2007

.....Sorry H-Money.......

Sorry H-Money, but Obama's speech in Springfield, IL has blown your campaign (so far), out of the water. I don't know what H-Money is going to do now...

Barack has the eloquence that W lacks and charm that H-Money needs. And sorry Edwards, but he has made sure that there are no "controversial" bloggers on his staff too. Granted, he doesn't have H-Money's experience but hell, look at Forest W. Gump's track record pre-White house. He wasn't exactly seasoned either.

Unlike W, when Barack says that he will work WITH both parties he actually means it. He won't turn his back against the world, congress and the American people and do whatever he damn pleases. That kind of attitude is not admirable (take note Rudy Giuliani and John McCain.. pandering bastards) and yet, it perfectly represents why this country is hanging by a thread. Therefore, it will either take a former First Lady, a gangly senator with a funny name, a handsome humanitarian, a former senator and maybe.. just maybe...a former VP that WON the presidential election to fix this broken land. '08 can't come soon enough........

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