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Thursday, September 01, 2005

..........Let's Wait Awhile......

I would like to thank Ms. Janet Jackson for the title of the entry. Yes, that's right mah babies, I footnote lol

From my last entry, it's obvious that I'm a Brad and Angelina fan. And I refuse to refer to them as "Brangelina" because I actually like this pairing and couples with combined names are not a favorite of mine. There are rumors that these two are going to get married in October when Brad's divorce from Jennifer is legally official. A lot of their fans are happy and some even have a countdown going on. I will be relieved for both parties that this burden is off their shoulders. Although I must confess, I haven't jumped onto the marriage bandwagon just yet.

Now I know that there is a great chance that a Brangelina fan is reading this....So, let me explain my fellow shipper. I think that these two need to take it slow, especially since they're both of equal status in Lala land aka Hollywood. If they do wed, this will be Angelina's third marriage and his second. So, I believe that they should be cautious before walking down that aisle. I say this because I want them to be the younger, hotter, and modern version of Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson. Unlike Tom and Rita they would be on the same level as well.

Honestly, no one wants to be like Larry King or Liz Taylor with multiple marriages under their belts. Well..maybe Britney Spears and Jennifer Lopez but that's for another entry lol Yes, I completely understand why they would want to tie the knot because of their relationship, and that little Maddox and Zahara would want Papa Pitt to be their official Papa. He'd have the family that he's always wanted and Angelina would be with a man that appreciates her. Then they'd be the most beautiful couple ever! HANDS DOWN!

On the other hand, there's nothing wrong with living with each other first and that includes not working. I don't want these two to be another example of why marriage is losing it sanctity, there are already enough famous folks on that long list. My dear Brad and Angelina do not deserve to be in the same company as Britney Spears and the semi-famous Hilton sister. They are so above all of those losers.

The reason why I feel so strongly about this is because I like both of them and I view marriage as a very serious and sacred bond. I personally want to do it once and well, do it right! When children are involved, the situations become complicated because their hearts are also at risk too. I'm cautiousy optimistic for these two and for myself when it comes to to this union.

I wish them the best, and hope that they think before into jumping into anything. If a wedding happens, I better get an invitation...or at least leave the kitchen door open for me so I can sneak in..


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