Into My Mind

Monday, May 10, 2004


That's the new title of the short story that I've started to work on. Actually, I've been making progress because I've written the character descriptions and the actual outline. Procrastination is still my foe though, I need to start working on my Oskar Schindler paper and scholarships, but I get those in my e-mail everyday.

"Presence" is definitely going to be the most unique short story that I've ever written. It's going to have multiple genres, which I've always wanted to do and that was one of my goals that I had put down in my independent study form. "Explore different genres of writing" and I've lived up to it!

The premise is about a girl named Faith and her friendship with her best friend Will. It's not really a narrative but it's about her experiences with him. They've known each other since childhood and they've been through a lot. She is the closest thing to a perfect friend and of course, she's in love with Will.

He puts her through so much and some of you will question why she's even friends with him in the first place. Just look at their names Faith and Will. She has so much faith in him, so much that when he would let her down, she would be broken. BUT, she had the will to endure their hard times and she never gave up on him. Personally, I don't think that I could ever be that strong or devoted.

I hope that I don't cry in the middle of class in front of the freshmen as I'm writing it. I don't like crying, but I tend to break down while writing. It's strange, I'm honest and most of the time, I'm open but I can be emotionally detached. I hate feeling ignored or not appreciated by someone close to me. However, if I feel like if I confront that person, he or she may feel guilt or pain and I don't want to inflict that anyone. I can be going through hell and I'd put my own feelings aside for someone else's. I gotta go, later all.

Monday, May 03, 2004


Last week was "Spring Break" and I basically slept and wrote. Sopheak moved into her house and threw a "party". When Sorphea and I got there, there was no food, and nothing to drink. We were starving because there was no food at our house and we came there to eat! No one was there either. Her house, is like the size of a sugar cube. She settled so damn quickly when it came to house shopping. I mean, Kylie had less than two months of school left and they moved. Oh well.

We went to Harvard square with my cousin Lynn and her daughter Maliyah. We ate at UNOs and I tried cauliflower mashed "potatoes". It was all right but the stuffed chicken I had was delicious. It was one of these "carb watcher" meals with only 12 net carbs, Erika would have liked that lol.

After, we went to Sorphea's friend's apartment and basically watched TV. I played with her dog Millie, she runs like a rabbit. I watched Sex and the City lol, Charlotte is so funny. I'm kind of feeling like Carrie right now typing in my blog. To be honest, she has the ideal life. She's a writer, lives in the city, has great friends and has great clothes. Now, she's with the love of her life awww. I love how she questions EVERYTHING, and she just gets paid a nice chunk of change to write about it.

Behind me, Karibian and the class are going to go over their persuasive essays. Ah, I cannot wait to hear them an I hope that they've proofread them well. Most likely, I'll correct them but since they're a bit more well versed in writing essays, I'm holding semi-high expectations. I'm not going to lie and say that I expect the best because it's their first formal essay and I remember that mine sucked, majorly.

Speaking of essays I added more to one that I wrote last quarter. I'll make sure to post it up here too. Let me clarify, that I do not play the race card for every agruement that comes my way. I am in no way racist nor ignorant. That's my little disclaimer. Ignorant people do get to me. Like those who generalize races as being the same like Asians or Spanish people. I can speak for Asians saying that we all do not look the same! Our cultures do differ and no we do not all eat dog or cat. In SOME cultures dog and cats are viewed as a delicacy but I will not name them because I know that people from these cultures will get upset at me. This a little random but as you might have read from my pervious entry I've been visiting Margaret Cho's site a lot, so, I've gotten a little inspired.

I have to go in like five minutes so I'm just to give a few website shoot outs. this is for horror movie fans.

peace out!