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Friday, September 09, 2005

.......Apathy Works for Them.....

I find it sad and disgusting that I have yet to meet a pro-Bush person that actually feels compassion for the victims of Katrina. From our many conversations not once have they sent their condolences or uttered a kind word about them. Instead, they solely blame the victims themselves and that is down right callous and heartless.

Yet, I think it’s odd because a lot of pro-Bush people are a part of the religious right (more like reich). These individuals are supposed to be moral and in touch with America’s true values (meaning Christian). That’s laughable because the ones that I have encountered are without compassion, tolerance, sympathy and selflessness (that’s right W’s mama I’m talking about you!). Unlike 9/11, their beloved leader was not depicted as strong and fearless. He was exposed for what he really is; an incompetent idiot with a lot of money, power and nepotism by his side.

Call me paranoid, a conspirator or just a liberal bitch. But am I the only one that believes Bush and his administration purposely allow catastrophes to occur so he can swoop in and be this country’s white knight? It worked for 9/11, before that his approval ratings were as low as they are now (pretty depressing). So, I assume that Bush and his regime believed the same tactic would work with Katrina…oh how wrong they were. Because unlike 9/11, the local and federal government have known New Orleans vulnerability to a hurricane for years! Yet, nothing was done during the time prior to Katrina’s arrival. Nope, the big wigs just sat on their asses and assumed that Americans would praise them for cleaning up the wreckage. Yes, because tardiness and laziness are such a sought after virtues. Just like Courtney Love is a well-adjusted woman.

So now, it’s up to the American people to cleanup the mess that government didn’t take care of before hand. While the Bush supporters that I have met continue to defend their leader, REAL Americans will care for their own instead turning their backs to them.



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