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Monday, May 19, 2008

Detached, Delusional, Disappointing and Divorced

The title of this entry applies to everyone who still chooses to be ignorant. I'm not naive, I know that there will always be uneducated people in this world but the amount still astounds me, especially when some of these people seem to become successful and powerful like Bush.

With the exception of disappointing, every word in this entry's title perfectly describes him. He's detached from the war because he's never been to one nor does he have any loved ones there. It's literally out of his mind, so much that he's still able to sleep at night. Of course, it's easy for him to fall into a deep slumber because he goes to bed every night knowing that his, body, mind and heart will be safely intact when he awakes..unlike the troops who are lucky enough to come back home. Speaking of home, Bush knows that he has one waiting for him. With divorce and suicide rates amongst our troops and veterans climbing at an alarming pace..the idea of coming back to a home with their family and friends waiting for's an uncertainty.

Then there is the lack education benefits that McCain, Bush and other republicans want to deny the troops of. The new GI Bill would be the first bill concerning veterans benefits that be vetoed by a President. Now, the optimist and Barack supporter in me wants believe that Bush will do what is morally right and sign it. But, I am also aware of bullheaded this reckless man can be without even knowing it. He is so hell bent on following his party and making history that he'll do it at any cost. I and many others like me, do not want to be resigned to that fact that he will continue do nothing during the remaining months of his term and that the next president will clean up his mess, but it does seem inevitable.

This goes beyond the war because he has brought the US economy into the tank and it looks like McCain wants to continue his work. There are millions of hardworking families who trying to keep their homes. How can McCain possibly understand them when he has 8 homes? If he loses one, he has backup while most families don't. Then again, these everyday people aren't married to an heiress. Unemployment rates are climbing each month and people are putting their pets in shelters because they can't afford to care for them while McCain has mini-zoo tended by servants or "the help".

Despite all of this, he still doing fairly in the polls? Why are people voting against their own economic interest? Perhaps some don't want to "surrender" in Iraq even though a path victory has been clearly defined. Others believe that the economy is fine of course they're not rich, they're delusional...Then there are those who just don't even consider voting for a black man.

We live in an amazing time where accurate information is readily available through many different types of media. Yet there is still an alarming rate of people who choose ignorance to believe the lies. These folks are divorced from reality, by choice. Barack has dealt with the brunt of these individuals.

The lies and half truths about him have been disproved but these those who believe he is a secret Muslim. His name was given to him by his father whose father/Barack grandfather had that name. By using that twisted logic, anyone who is named Charles, Jeffrey, Ted/Edward must a serial killer since Manson, Dahmer, Bundy were.

Anyway, Barack father was raised Muslim but became atheist by the time he came to the US. He never to Muslim school in Indonesia, he went to Catholic school and public one. The latter was the alleged Muslim school because Barack was listed as being because he stepfather was and therefore, he (Barack) wrote that down. I would have written Buddhism as my religion since it is my father's without not knowing what it is. Somehow while being an alleged secret Muslim thanks to Rev. Wright, he is also a radical anti-American Christian too!

God, the people who believe this bullshit are fucking idiots. This primary season has gone on for 17 months and instead of doing real research, they turn to Faux News to find this bullshit because they want to believe it and they're lazy. Dare I say, bigots as well since they believe that is it perfectly fine to be suspicious of, fear or even hate someone who has a different name, skin color or religion.

To be fair, some people just hate Barack because he's a democrat but there are others who cannot stand Muslims or people with dark skin so they find any reason, even if it's a lie, to excuse their hatred. Maybe Hillary tried reaching to these folks for votes, but the majority Americans do not need them. We are better than that type of behavior.

When Barack wins (God willing), I hope these folks either accept him or leave because whether they like it or not, this country to move with or without them.



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