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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

.......Not Fighting to Get in that Line.......

The biggest criticism against my media menz like Jon, Stephen, Bill and Keith is that they don't have many conservatives on their shows. Well, these "genius" critics don't realize that Republicans are throwing themselves at their shows because they, despite all their talk are afraid. And the only time they'd agree to go on is if the host and producers signed this big contract where they can be asked softball questions like when Santorum was on TDS. Jon was pretty easy on him when we all know that bigoted motherfucker needed to get nailed. Although I doubt that he'll ever go on again after having his ass handed to him in the elections.

Concerning Real Time w/ Bill Maher...please lol The audience eats conservative guests alive. It's not his fault. He's tried to get conservatives in his audience and on the show but they're not very willing to appear. The few conservative guests that return are his friends and frankly, he has more "blue" friends than he does "red". Also, Bill, for the most part, he doesn't pull any punches. It's HBO, not Fox News. Although I do pity the anchors on that "News Network" their knees must be bruised with all the servicing they do for this administration.

In Keith Olbermann's case, I like how he doesn't have a liberal and conservative on his show fighting each other. It's inevitable, a Democratic strategist and Republican one are like Siamese fighting fish and that't snot what Countdown is about. His is the only show on MSNBC and cable is one of the few that don't resort to those tactics. Countdown is NOT about fighting or "debating", it's a mix of real news and fluff with his take on it.

Yes, there's analysis but there isn't a need for a conservative's take because he or she will side w/ the administration then try to reprimand Keith by saying that he wants the US to lose the war on terrorism or any of their usual talking points. The guests that he usually has on are from Newsweek which is a respectable publication, he doesn't have a "Coulter" or "Malkin" because he wants people who are actually educated on the topic. Whenever something happens w/ our government he always has someone there to discuss the politics or if it involves the war, the military impact.

Keith is not into softball questions which like Bill, is the reason why Republicans aren't fighting to get in line to appear on the show. No one wants to go into an environment where the control is not in their hands. It's not Faux News, thank God.


Tuesday, November 28, 2006

....A New Threat to KO and our Nation.....

A sense of dread and worry overcame my mind when I discovered that Keith Olbermann will be doing the show in Los Angeles this week. He is in town to attend GQ's "Men of the Year" party and might I add, the lighting in that studio makes him look even more dashing. I digress, I am concerned for his safety and no, I’m not just talking about psychotic freepers…because there is a new threat to our nation’s security…the LATVS …the Los Angeles Trash Vagina Squad. Encounters/attacks involving these individuals have been happening quite frequently in the past couple of weeks and so, I’m concerned for his well being. With his looks, his must be at the top of their hit list.

Now Paris is the biggest threat. Britney's had c-sections twice so her vagina is not cavernous. And Lindsay, well, she has to spend every waking hour trying to catch up to the notches on Paris's bed post. Anyway, in California, most people drive. But if Ms. Hilton is around then drivers might assume they've driven into tunnel when really.....well, they've inadvertently checked into Paris Hilton. The end result would be utter chaos. Everyone's cars would have to be melted, then they'd have to take contamination showers followed by antibiotics, it's truly a horrifying image to have.

Now I know that Mr. Bush wants a half billion dollars for his library legacy but I really think that all money (that’s if he raises it) should really go into stopping the LATVS, these women (Lindsay, Paris, Britney etc..) and possibly post-op trannies, need to be stopped but more importantly, they need panties. Obviously, I’m not referring to the crotchless or “clear” ones that they claim to wear. A task force is needed…preferably a group of gay men. Perhaps Al-Gayda could form a splinter group.....

Please everyone, don’t misunderstand, I have nothing against vaginas. I have one and it’s treated me well. But there is an appropriate time and place for it to be seen like a gynecologist's office, your lover's bedroom, a beauty salon's waxing room, in front of the camera crew of Girls Gone Wild series, a dirty bathroom stall in a truck stop, the list goes on.

We (the public) should be able to walk the streets without fear of encountering the LATVS. Most of us are not gynecologists, bikini-waxers, nor are we members of the NFL, therefore we do not need to be seeing these vaginas. Together, we can put an end to LATVS crusade. We can be the generation that eliminates this dire problem.


Thursday, November 23, 2006


I know that "thankful" is more fitting but I figure a lot of bloggers would have already used it at their title. Here are a couple of things I am grateful some are silly while others are serious. Yes, obviously I'm thankful for my friends and family, so there. lol

My Creative Zen Vision: M media player because even though it's chunkier than the video Ipod, I still love it. Besides, I do not mind my electronics having curves...there's nothing with a little badonkadonk . Plus, it's a beautiful shade of blue.

The Jolie-Pitts because they are what we should all aspire to be and no, I'm talking about their move star status. They are unbelievably blessed with great looks, fame, fortune, beautiful kids and each other. Most folks in their position wouldn't give issues like poverty, war, AIDS, the environment and gay marriage a second thought, but these two do. They do more than care, they are proactive in their work.

We should all try to make an effort to help this world. It doesn't matter what religion you practice because after all is said and done, what matters did you help make the world a better place than when you originally came into it.

The sane American people deserve a nod. Y'all saw the light and instead of watching turn into fire, you actually got up and fought against it this past election. Thank you.....if I were a rich woman, I'd send you all free bags of swag but since I'm not...well, you'll just have to accept this blog entry instead. Sorry lovelies. Maybe Oprah can hook you all up?

Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert, I know that you two will never read this blog but screw it, I love you both! You make the news and this country less depressing. And more importantly, you are not deceiving the public by pretending to be a "real" newsmen unlike some folks on cable..... Whether you two handsome bastards believe it or not, you're both powerful and influential figures in the media, politics and the country. Thank you both for being our country's satirists and saviors.

Keith Olbermann, now how can I NOT love a man who has the balls to tear into folks like Coulter, Savage, Limbaugh, O'Reilly and all those other batshit neo-cons? Oh Keith, you are the perfect balance that our media and our country needs. Now, as much as I love Jon and Stephen, REAL news anchors/journalists are in great demand these days and you sir, are one of the very few out there.

Even though you're uncomfortable with this comparison, you are my generation's Edward R. Murrow. Your uneasiness whenever Murrow's name is used in your presence is quite endearing because despite what the haters say, you are a humble man...who happens to have a healthy ego. But I know that many Americans believe that you are truly deserving of this comparison.

You are a phenomenal writer, an excellent journalist and a true patriot. Thank you, Keith for being the voice of every frustrated American in this country.

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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

............Never Before....

This is long overdue...but screw it. Blue has never looked so beautiful on a map before. Obviously, I'm referring to the midterm elections. Snaps to Howard Dean, Chuck Schumer and John Murtha for making this happen! And I now have restored faith in our country and democracy. IRAQ is the issue that determined this election because all the democrats that won were against it and much like most of the country, they wanted a change for the better.

Now don't get me wrong, I know that W is still in charge and that impeachment...for now, is not an option. I don't want DICK to be in office, all right? But I think the mere threat of impeachment could really help dear W actually listen and compromise w/ Madame Speaker Pelosi (sweeter words have never been typed). I also don't expect an instant magic wand effect but I am hopeful. Maybe...just maybe the 31% that still supports W will also learn a hard lesson as well.

As far coverage goes, I watched Keith Olbermann and Christ Matthews on MSNBC. I love KO and I tolerate Chris lol Although compared to the other guys on there like Carlson and Scarborough he is well.... fair and for the most part, intelligent, it's just his voice. And the fact that he playfully roughed up my dear Colbert a bit has stayed with me. I actually fell asleep with Keith being the last person that I saw on my screen. So, I can proudly say that I went to bed with KO but since I love him, I am denying that I fell into my deep slumber before he finished. :)

All right Dems, y'all better get it right and get it done!

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