Into My Mind

Sunday, December 12, 2004

To Ms. Spears

As some of you might know, Britney Spears has this journal on her website called "Letter of Truth." I've decided to wrote my own letter to her.

Dear Britney,

Oh dear Britney, how you have fallen. Before you started dating Kevin "The Losahh" (I'm from Boston) Federline, I was a HUGE fan of yours and your music. I have defended you numerous times. Your recent behavior has been idiotic and down right offensive. Now, I'm just a lover of your catchy tunes and not your recent downward spiral.

I feel great sympathy for all of your fans that you have let down this past year. From your ill-fated "Onyx Hotel Tour" to your quickie Las Vegas marriage. However, it's the children that attended you summer camp that provides acting, dancing and vocal lessons to these underprivileged kids, that I truly feel for. All summer they are practicing their little butts off trying to improve their special talent (s) but they are also producing and rehearsing a special performance for you. Through their unique gifts they are trying to show their gratitude towards you for giving them this chance to truly express themselves through acting, dance and music.

All you has to do is show up, take a few pictures, speak to a few of these children and watch their performance. This year you flaked out on them, citing that your knee injury was to blame. Some people don't want to meet their idols because they're afraid that they might be disappointed. Well Britney, you didn't even meet these hardworking and talented children and you still managed to disappoint them.

What offends me most is that you lied to them. During your entire injury rehabilitation you were out and about with your now husband wearing t-shirts and trucker hats with ridiculous sayings on them. And on the day you were supposed to visit these children you were at a Blockbuster Video store squatting on your injured knee checking out the new releases. You are shameless. At least be honest with these children and say, "Look kids, I could care less about how hard you rehearsed to put on this show for me. I'd rather be hanging out with my loser boyfriend than spend time with you." I'm sorry, that was soo wrong of me,wait, you're from the South so that should be "Y'all" instead of "kids." At least when you were with Justin, you made it a POINT to not miss your annual visit to the camp. I guess loser guys can really change a girl for the worst.

Speaking of your husband, have you gone completely blind/crazy?! This man left his pregnant Baby Mama for you! He did it without giving it a second thought! He has no redeeming qualities whatsoever. As a man you would think that he'd have SOME kind of ego and at least have a real job instead being a leech. So what if he stayed with you in the hospital during your knee injury? No man is going to leave their Sugar Mommy alone, because heaven forbid some other guy swoops in on a extremely wealthy yet naive injured young woman. You bought your own ring and you proposed! Then, you retracted this statement and said that he got a "loan" yes, a loan from you! Also, you give him an allowance and don't try to deny this because the man had his Baby Mama paying his way before you came along and he had his car reposessed too. At least Cris Judd paid for ring he gave to J.Lo.

What also saddens me is how you have managed to make a mockery of marriage. Yes hun, getting married TWICE in one calendar year is horrible. You and many other celebrities view marriage as a complete joke and you don't even realize how fortunate you are. Many gays/lesbians are fighting for the RIGHT to marry and have their blessed unions be legally recognized by our government. Then you, Jennifer Lopez, Elizabeth Taylor and Nicky Hilton abuse your rights and have "quickie" weddings and then anull them soon after. How dare you do this? You're in the entertainment business, where you work alongside gays and lesbians. I'm pretty sure that you have friends who are gay as well. I don't think that it would be ignorant to say that your gay following isn't too pleased with your behavoir either. By marrying any man at any time, you're basically giving gays/lesbians a slap in the face and gloating about how you can marry whenever you please simply because you're straight. The worst part is, you're telling your friends and fans that you do not view them as equals by having multiple marriages and supporting a president who is strongly against gay marriage. I'm aware that you view your marriage as being a "blessed union" but so do the many gay/lesbian couples who are in long term relationships and those who have families as well. How can you expect any of your gay fans/friends to stand by you when you don't view them as your peers, as your equals? How do expect to receive support when you do not give it? I challenge you to explain to them how you can "love" them yet treat them like second class citizens.

Yes Britney, this is a REAL "Letter of Truth", not the trite that you tried to pass off as an explanation to your fans a couple of months ago. And by the way, what drug were you on thinking that you could charge us to view your "Truth"? I do realize that I was brutuality honest in this letter. The truth hurts, but your total disregard for all your fans, is just painful.