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Thursday, April 03, 2008


Last year on this same day, I wrote about how blessed I was to be celebrating my birthday with my loved ones while thousands of my peers are in Iraq. Sadly, not much has changed because those courageous men and women are still there and I'm here. We are all forced to wait until November for this horrible situation to change. This is something that everyone who is against this war begrudgingly accepts. We also know that the tide is turning thanks to one amazing man.

Unlike the 2004 election, this country knows that in November history will be made and real change will and must happen. My generation and those that have come before for us are hungry for something new. We want-we need to move on from the past. No matter how glorious it may have been for some individuals; there are millions who are suffering because of the mistakes that were made during that time. Those who want to remain in past have the right to feel this way. However, it does not mean they are entitled to relive the past in the present because the rest of country wants and needs to move onto a better future.

In order to lift to this country up, to improve our way life not just here but around world, we must come together. We must accept the fact that past is behind us and that we must embrace the promising future that lies before us instead of being stubborn, cynical and fearful of it. Fear is dangerous, it paralyzes and isolates us. Our judgment becomes clouded and unreasonable. Fear is what holds us back, hope is what moves us forward. Hope is freedom. Hope is the future.



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