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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Just dropping in

Apologies for the lack of variety in my recent blogs.  I've been earning money at and so I have to share it with the few people who read this.  I've been adding to my Amazon gift card account and it's been really fun.  I can buy some Funk Pop Vinyl figures which are pricey if I buy them somewhere else and spoil my dogs.  If you're curious instead of annoyed by this blog, then click on the links I posted.

Much love all!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Checking in

It's been ages since I last wrote but no worries, only the crickets missed me.  Anyway, I'm still writing and following politics..even though it's really hard at times. I've also added a new interest to my list of things I love, online shopping.  

Recently, I've been really into "window shopping" on Amazon but then I got tired of just looking.  I joined to earn an Amazon gift card.  free amazon gift card  A little over a week later, I've reached my goal but since it was easy, I've changed it.  

I can't wait to spoil Jammy and Lilo along with some geeky gear like Funko Pop Vinyl Figures.   

Mind the randomness

Friday, November 27, 2009


My Girl is one of my favorite coming of age/chick flick movies. The protagonist is Vada she is an eleven-year-old tomboy who enters adolescence in summer of '72. Everything comes at her once, she has her period, her first kiss, her father starts dating then gets engaged and her first kiss/best friend dies. She evolves physically and emotionally. By the end of the film, she's stronger and wiser. When I first saw the film I liked it but I was young. As I got older I grew to love it and I have a deeper understanding of it. I relate to the character of Vada more so now because I'm going through my own transformation. The only difference is she only had control over her reaction to the events that she was faced with while I have total command of my situation.

One year ago this week, I started my weight loss journey. I've lost close to 12 inches off my waist. It's unbelievable because my last attempt at losing weight was awful. I'm proud to see how far I've come. In two to three months I know I'll reach my goal weight of 120 lbs (I'm 5'4) because I feel unstoppable.

Honestly, it wasn't concern for my health or a traumatic event that triggered this change; it was pure vanity. Last year, the week before Thanksgiving, I had been given a new pair of pants and they were tight...really tight. I had been that size for over two years. The moment I had put on those pants and felt how constricting they were, I was horrified. The feeling of those pants flipped a switch within me. I thought to myself, "I need to change. I need to get my ass into gear and lose this weight." Those damn pants squeezed some sense into me.

I started off slow by walking twice a day but then I had a setback. I got a serious case of bronchitis in the last half of January and first half of February. It took two rounds of antibiotics to clear up the infection. I didn't exercise for that entire time the doctor told me not to because I couldn't breathe right. I did stay on my diet. It was hell because I felt helpless and all I could do was wait it out. I didn't give up, that wasn't an option for me.

After that passed I went back to walking. When I felt that my body was ready for it I moved onto running a half hour in morning and evening. Then it turned into an one hour. Now, it's an hour and fifteen minutes twice a day, six days a week. I also walk my dogs for a half hour before running. Sometimes I'll jump rope or dance for extra cardio. Weight lifting is minimal because I want to look tone yet still feminine like First Lady Michelle Obama (she has nice guns and gams). I'm not always thrilled to run or lift weights but I think about the long term effects if I don't do it and that usually pushes me.

As far as dieting, I don't eat after six. I'm eating the appropriate portions. There is no way in hell I can give up carbs. I'm Asian, I'll never give up white rice or noodles. Now I eat less of them but I make sure to include whole grains. Chicken, turkey and some lean beef make up my proteins. My snacks are fruits, baby carrots, 100 calorie snack packs, and yogurt. On occasion, I'll cook some stir fry vegetables but it's only for myself so I don't use a lot of vegetable oil. Or I'll use extra virgin olive oil, it's heart healthy. Other than that exception, I steer clear of fried foods. I allow myself one cheat day and even then, I don't binge. Thanksgiving was my cheat day and I had one slice of cheesecake (we don't like pumpkin pie). There are definitely times when temptation pulls at me, I'm human it happens. I either don't give in or I choose a healthy snack.

I know why I was overweight. It wasn't genetics or me eating my emotions. The fact is I enjoy eating, it's a wonderful experience that stimulates all the senses. I don't understand the people who say that they get so busy they forget to eat that sounds unnatural to me. That being written, I let my fondness for food get out of control. And forget about exercise. I grew up hating it because my very first PE teacher was a horrible (and masculine looking) woman (so she claimed) that made any type of physical activity torturous. However, it is ultimately my fault for not eating right and being sedentary.

Seeing how my body has transformed is strange because I'm used to staring at a chubby reflection (I was never rotund) in the mirror and now that image has dramatically changed. I'll admit I'm a little sad that my boobs are getting smaller but I shouldn't complain. I was a 46DD and currently, I'm a 42D. As a woman I want to hold onto my curves...On the other hand, I want to stand without the fear of tipping over lol I'm accepting the decreasing size of my beloved boobs while secretly hoping I won't get smaller than a C cup. The health benefits feel fabulous. I have more energy, I'm sleeping better, I'm stronger, I feel incredible and I've added years onto my life.

Look, it's not easy but nothing in life worth fighting for is. In order for me to take the first step on this journey I had to put my fears and doubts aside because that was the road block I had put up for myself. Only I could tear it down and I am so proud that I did. Growing up and even now, I don't have a woman in my life who is happy with who she is. No helped or taugh how to build myself up emotionally, I had to do it for myself. I had to become my own inspiration and motivator; it was always in me it was just untapped. Never in my entire life have I ever felt this empowered. It is absolutely amazing to see what you're truly capable of once you put in the energy, time and effort. I would have never found out if I hadn't taken that first step. Now that I have and then some, I know I can conquer anything.

Friday, February 13, 2009


It's been quite awhile since my last entry. I am proud and thrilled to say that President Obama is now leading our country. Our beautiful First Lady is currently immersing herself in her new role as a fashion icon by being the second first to grace the cover of Vogue and Mom-in-Chief. A hat trick would have been nice but most of the GOP seems intent on not reaching across the aisle on the stimulus package. They're just not that into our President but the American people are over them and their tired ideas.

I remain hopeful and confident that President Obama's policies will help our country pull through this crisis. So far, he has been living up to his promises. Our troops will be back home with their families in nineteen months. He is going forward with health care and making our country green. Science is back! The jury is no longer "out" when it comes to facts.

There no words to describe how grateful I am to be living in such a historic time. This is probably how baby boomers felt when JFK was elected. There is a young, attractive, loving and intelligent family in the White House and they didn't come from a legacy. Incredible.

Monday, November 10, 2008

........Fear lost....

Hope won and made history. I chose to write this nearly a week after because I needed time to let that monumental day sink in and to also gather my thoughts and feelings. A part of me believes this a dream that I'm about awake from because these past eight years have felt like an endless nightmare. It's not, we are living in a wonderful reality where hope beat fear, Americans stood up for change and Barack Obama is going to be our 44th President.

When Keith Olbermann made the announcement a flood of shock, happiness and relief overcame me. His voice was filled emotion so much that it did shake and it reflected how most Barack supporters felt. The absolute joy that was going around the country was palpable even as I watched the results from my television. I have never seen so many Americans celebrate and cry tears of elation. We were all connected at that exact moment because we all worked for it alongside Barack. The most beautiful image from that night is seeing a mosaic of all different types of people, young, old, black, white, Asian, gay, straight, democrat, republican, independent, they were united as one as Americans.

Around the world, Americans and non-Americans were celebrating with us. The international community loves Americans (with the exception of the hateful and crazy ones) but they have hated our leadership for the past eight years. Now, they are welcoming us back because of Barack. As a world, we face many challenges that require us to come together and a leader that unites is needed to do that, Barack is it. Excuse my lack of eloquence in this statement, but they also don't us to have a leader who would willingly bomb the shit of their country without a second thought. Americans showed the global community that we truly a democracy and that we can take our country and government back when it needs to be saved.

On that night, America lived up to its message, if you worked hard, play by the rules, your dreams no matter how grand they are, can come true.


Tuesday, June 03, 2008


The powerful message of hope and change has transcended the burdens and prejudices of this country's past and instead, has made history tonight. And the man who is at the forefront of this message and movement has rightfully earned the Democratic nomination. I am incredibly proud of him, his campaign and everyone in this country who has voted for him. My generation and those before it saw Barack for who he is, an excellent public servant and an inspiring man who will transform this country for the better by working with the American people.

His life story, his dreams for this country and his message of hope, change and unity resonated with Americans of all political orientations, economic backgrounds, genders, races, ages and creeds. Parents can tell their children that nothing, not their race, religion, age, gender and class can stop them from accomplishing their dreams and they have Barack as a living example. If and when I have a family, I will able to tell them what it was like to see this glorious and momentous event happen before my eyes. I know that I will be crying tears of pure joy and pride as tell this to them because I was doing so while watching his beautiful speech.

I cannot write this blog without mentioning what Black Americans must be feeling. I have an idea but I can never truly know what it is like to see a black man make history in a country that once enslaved his ancestors and legally viewed them to only be three-fifths of a human being. Although we still have a long way to go, we are making remarkable strides forward in repairing and improving race relations.

Tonight was a one major step forward not only for Black Americans but for All Americans. Thank you Barack Obama, for inspiring us, for reminding us of better angels, for getting us involved in our government and for showing us the way to a better and greater future for our country.


Monday, May 19, 2008

Detached, Delusional, Disappointing and Divorced

The title of this entry applies to everyone who still chooses to be ignorant. I'm not naive, I know that there will always be uneducated people in this world but the amount still astounds me, especially when some of these people seem to become successful and powerful like Bush.

With the exception of disappointing, every word in this entry's title perfectly describes him. He's detached from the war because he's never been to one nor does he have any loved ones there. It's literally out of his mind, so much that he's still able to sleep at night. Of course, it's easy for him to fall into a deep slumber because he goes to bed every night knowing that his, body, mind and heart will be safely intact when he awakes..unlike the troops who are lucky enough to come back home. Speaking of home, Bush knows that he has one waiting for him. With divorce and suicide rates amongst our troops and veterans climbing at an alarming pace..the idea of coming back to a home with their family and friends waiting for's an uncertainty.

Then there is the lack education benefits that McCain, Bush and other republicans want to deny the troops of. The new GI Bill would be the first bill concerning veterans benefits that be vetoed by a President. Now, the optimist and Barack supporter in me wants believe that Bush will do what is morally right and sign it. But, I am also aware of bullheaded this reckless man can be without even knowing it. He is so hell bent on following his party and making history that he'll do it at any cost. I and many others like me, do not want to be resigned to that fact that he will continue do nothing during the remaining months of his term and that the next president will clean up his mess, but it does seem inevitable.

This goes beyond the war because he has brought the US economy into the tank and it looks like McCain wants to continue his work. There are millions of hardworking families who trying to keep their homes. How can McCain possibly understand them when he has 8 homes? If he loses one, he has backup while most families don't. Then again, these everyday people aren't married to an heiress. Unemployment rates are climbing each month and people are putting their pets in shelters because they can't afford to care for them while McCain has mini-zoo tended by servants or "the help".

Despite all of this, he still doing fairly in the polls? Why are people voting against their own economic interest? Perhaps some don't want to "surrender" in Iraq even though a path victory has been clearly defined. Others believe that the economy is fine of course they're not rich, they're delusional...Then there are those who just don't even consider voting for a black man.

We live in an amazing time where accurate information is readily available through many different types of media. Yet there is still an alarming rate of people who choose ignorance to believe the lies. These folks are divorced from reality, by choice. Barack has dealt with the brunt of these individuals.

The lies and half truths about him have been disproved but these those who believe he is a secret Muslim. His name was given to him by his father whose father/Barack grandfather had that name. By using that twisted logic, anyone who is named Charles, Jeffrey, Ted/Edward must a serial killer since Manson, Dahmer, Bundy were.

Anyway, Barack father was raised Muslim but became atheist by the time he came to the US. He never to Muslim school in Indonesia, he went to Catholic school and public one. The latter was the alleged Muslim school because Barack was listed as being because he stepfather was and therefore, he (Barack) wrote that down. I would have written Buddhism as my religion since it is my father's without not knowing what it is. Somehow while being an alleged secret Muslim thanks to Rev. Wright, he is also a radical anti-American Christian too!

God, the people who believe this bullshit are fucking idiots. This primary season has gone on for 17 months and instead of doing real research, they turn to Faux News to find this bullshit because they want to believe it and they're lazy. Dare I say, bigots as well since they believe that is it perfectly fine to be suspicious of, fear or even hate someone who has a different name, skin color or religion.

To be fair, some people just hate Barack because he's a democrat but there are others who cannot stand Muslims or people with dark skin so they find any reason, even if it's a lie, to excuse their hatred. Maybe Hillary tried reaching to these folks for votes, but the majority Americans do not need them. We are better than that type of behavior.

When Barack wins (God willing), I hope these folks either accept him or leave because whether they like it or not, this country to move with or without them.