Into My Mind

Monday, July 25, 2005

......I heart Mikey!........

Hopefully, tomorrow I will receive a very fabulous goonie's package thanks to my beloved Mikey! I was unable to attend the Goonies Meet/reunion in Astoria, OR this past June because I am totally broke. My dear Mikey attended the event and brought me back some wonderful mementoes! He was so kind to think of me and I love him for going out of his way to do so! I love you hun! And I so owe you big! LOL If there is anything that I can do, just say the word!

For those of you who don't frequently visit this blog or don't take a gander at the links section on here, I am a die hard goonies fan. I happened to stumble upon the website and message board while checking out the fantabulous 80's movies website fast-rewind. Since then, I've met so many wonderful people on there and one of them is of course Mikey.

When Amaya Met Mikey

I met Mikey when he replied to a serious discussion thread that I had started on the message board. He was very honest, intelligent and articulate in his reply and he was very courageous too because he revealed that he was gay knowing that there were people in that thread who ...strongly opposed to his lifestyle and same sex marriage in general. Then, he said that he had a crush on me because I had stood atop my soapbox and defended gays and their right to marry. After that, the thread fell off the first page but our friendship has stood strong.

Michael is the most generous, kind, caring, and gracious person that I have ever met. The man is also hilarious and he's got a great heart too! And I am truly blessed and honored to be his friend. He is everything a girl would want in a man and to top it off he's gay! I am in love people! But not the romantic kind lol

I'm still amazed that he got me a goody goonie bag LOL I mean, I've never known anyone as nice and thoughful as him. Honestly, have any of you heard of person being so kind??? Even the men that I personally have known in my life cannot compare to my dear Mikey!

I love you Mikey and I look forward to meeting you one day! OOOhh and if you want I'll so be your surrogate mama! LOL I'm a loser!

Much Love,

Friday, July 22, 2005

.............Beneath the Surface............

We live in a world of imitations with very few originals. Think about it, everything that is original can be easily duplicated or masked. Look at faux designer clothing, hair dyes, colored eye contacts, and breast implants; society gladly accepts these knock-offs. Of course many of the things listed are inanimate objects and frankly, no one really cares how genuine these products are. What really matters is the appearance of authenticity.

Looks can be deceiving but so can reputations. Unfortunately, people chose to believe the lie because it's just so damn appealing and sometimes its beauty can be disarming. Heaven forbid, a "good" person is only projecting that wholesome image instead of actually living it. It amazes me how some people fully embrace a facade, a phony into their lives, especially when the phony's true colors are obvious. I am definitely not that type of person.

It takes me awhile to decide whether or not I want a person in my life. Unlike some mindless fools I have patience and do not automatically assume that every person that crosses my path is a "nice" guy or girl. Common sense tells me that it takes time, curiousity and tact to judge a person's character. We've
all been betrayed, burned and basically fucked over by someone that we thought was a "good" or "nice" person. Perhaps rash or hasty judgment isn't a horrible trait to have.

What I don't understand is how charming phonies can continue to deceive such intelligent and sane individuals. There are certain people that I have named in this blog who I believe are charming phonies. Yet, they are very popular and beloved by a lot people KNOWING that these phonies have been unmasked and they refuse to believe it. To believe the truth that no one, especially humans are saints. It's as if these phonies are given a pass from these misinformed drones. They are so enamored by the exterior that it frightens them to lift the curtain and see what's really underneath. I chose not to live this way, I am not afraid to see what's beneath the surface and neither should anyone else.

Thursday, July 21, 2005

......Hate Personified.........

There are moments when I truly believe that there is no hope, love, and humanity in this world. People like Fred Phelps, James Dobson, Michael Savage, Ann Coulter and Jerry Falwell confirm my doubts because they enjoy spreading a message of ignorance, intolerance, discrimination and hate through their words. Honestly, they are no better than terrorists because they are enthusiastically and unashamedly passing on their ignorant and warped ideals to the young minds of America ensuring that their message of hate will live on after they are gone from this Earth.

Unfortunately, the hate, ignorance and misinformation does reach the masses. A couple of days ago 21 year old Ronnie Paris was sentenced to life in prison for murdering his THREE YEAR OLD SON Ronnie Jr. The reason behind his heinous crime was his homophobia because he suspected that little Ronnie was gay and did not want his son to grow up to be a "sissy". So, he would slap his son's head until he cried or wet himself.

For two years of Ronnie's young life he lived in foster care and was well taken care of. This past December he was brought back to his parents and one month later he went into a coma and died a week later. The cause of his death was a serve blow to that head.
Ronnie's mother knew of her husband's abuse but did nothing because she selfishly wanted to keep little Ronnie in her custody. The neighbors also knew but never reported the Paris family and now, the blood of a THREE YEAR OLD is on their hands along with his parents. Mrs. Paris was sentenced 15 years while Ronnie Sr. will serve life in prison although I doubt that he will live since inmates kill those who harm children. An innocent child died because of neglect, hate, fear and ignorance. As much as people try to spread tolerance and acceptance there are still people like Fred Phelps, Jerry Falwell and Michael Savage who live to promote this kind of savagery and hate.

It did not surprise me that this occurred in Jeb's Bush's Florida aka the New Texas. This is the same state that forbids gays from adopting, yet allows individuals to carry a gun and open fire whenever they please or feel "threatened" without fear of persecution. Heaven forbid a child end up in a loving home with gay parents opposed to the abusive heterosexual one they were removed from.

Christians wonder why atheists and agnostics cannot have the same blind faith that they have when it comes to "God." Horrendous crimes like this, where an innocent life is lost is one of the reasons why. Their God would allegedly by overjoyed knowing that a possible homosexual or "sinner" was murdered. Well, if that is true, then myself and others like me will not support and believe in such a cruel and inhumane idol.

Sunday, July 03, 2005

.........Live 8=history...............

Yesterday, I witnessed and took part in history. I wasn't born when the Live Aid Concerts occured in 1985 so I feel blessed to be a part of the Live 8 concerts that took place today. This time, I'm not the skunk at the garden party because I truly believe that Bob Geldof, all the muscial artists that performed and many the organizations involved did make a difference. Instead of letting the world be oblivious of the crisis in Africa and merely hoping that he G8 summit would handle the situation appropriately, people became informed and AWARE. That was the goal of these concerts being held and I tip my hat off to everyone involved.

Whether people choose to believe it or not a lot of people around the world do not keep up with world events. There are many reason why, they either find the news to be boring or depressing, they're too " busy" to read about current events, or they'd rather read a tabloid than read a newspaper or a blog online. Some of these people would rather listen to celebrities talking about Africa which is a bit sad. But if it takes Jay-Z to get people to be informed and to care then so be it. It's better than the majority being left in the dark about the situation. Now that most of the world is informed it's up to them and the G8.

This is to not mention the protestors at Edinburgh. The ball is in the G8's court and if they choose not to start making poverty history then they are going to look like real assholes because what idiot would refuse to be a part of history and making the world as a whole, a better place??? However, if it does work, the people who rolled their eyes at Live 8 and did absolutely NOTHING to help except bitch and whine and disrespect the people who participated (like myself) are going to be the real assholes. As long as they stand separated from those who have joined together, and wasted their time merely criticizing, they were a part of the problem and only made it worse by doing nothing. Spreading negativity and doubt concerning Live 8 is harmful and a great waste of time. Every three seconds a child dies from poverty and/or preventable diseases and instead of spending those seconds joining the millions that are involved, they sat on their asses and rolled their eyes. Supporting live 8 is the first step to change the continent as a whole but these individuals would rather do nothing. Bravo, jackasses.

Until the 9th, I'll be like the rest of the world holding my breathe hoping that the most poweful leaders in the world take the right step and start making poverty history.