Into My Mind

Friday, May 13, 2005

......Are YOU Tara Reid? Read and find out!.........

So, this is like the Paris list except I've altered it to suit Tara Reid's personality!

1. Quite often, you wakeup face down in an alley with your clothes on backwards, with your bra around neck and your underwear is missing.

2. Your signature perfume is a mixture of cigarettes, beer and Red Bull.

3. You believe the drinking is a surefire remedy to a hangover.

4. You make speed daters look like serial monogamists.

5. When playing a role of an anthropologist, you believe that wearing your hair up in a bun and sporting black rimmed glasses makes you look intelligent.

6. A drunken accent is the only accent that you can pull off.

7. You can drink anyone under the table, even Colin Farrell.

8. According to a certain t-shirt that you own, you only skate for Jesus. Even though he never asked you to.

9. The paparazzi can immediately recognize you from one hundred feet away, thanks to your drunken walk.

10. For some reason, you believe that butt cleavage is attractive.

11. Your voice is what evil must sound like. Unless evil is a heavy chain smoker and is always in a drunken haze.

12. You have played a virgin twice….are you kidding me?

13. Your breasts are so fake that they have a life of their own. Sometimes, they even like to pose for the red carpet without you even knowing.

14. You have befriended a younger redheaded, freckled, orange skinned version of yourself and her name is Lindsay Lohan.

15. You are only invited to all the hip parties and clubs because someone needs to play the role of “drunk girl.”

16. In high school, you were voted most likely to be found… face down in an alley with your clothes on backwards, with your bra around your neck and your underwear is missing.

17. When asking your ex-boyfriend if you’ve gone “Hollywood”, he avoids the question and cuts to a commercial break.

18. Your most notable role is in a film named after a popular wholesome dessert.

19. You wear so much makeup that you make drag queens look natural.

20. You visit children dying of cancer and then right after, you proceed to smoke outside their hospital!

21. You smoke so much that even the French and chimneys are disgusted by you.

Thursday, May 12, 2005


Rocky Flowers
Originally uploaded by Goondock Jeff.
It just amazes me whenever I see flowers such as the ones in this photo grow from almost barren surroundings. Images like the one that I've posted proves that hope exists and that everyone can prevail despite their environment. And yes, I got this wonderful photograph from dear Jeff. Just click on it if you would like to see more of his work.

I am of the belief that the term role model is an idea and not an actual person. Instead, I believe that certain people like Margaret Cho and David Peltzer (the author of A Child Called It) are inspirations. They've been through hell and back, and they're still standing to tell the world about it.

Child stars are almost doomed when they enter the entertainment business. Many of them can't handle fame and working in an adult world. This usually results in arrests and rehab. After sobering up, it's nearly impossible for them to get their career on track. Corey Feldman is a perfect example. He is a great actor but it's really unfortunate that a lot of casting directors still see him as a liability even though he's been sober for years. Hopefully, he hires a new agent and starts to get better roles. I wish him the best because that's what Goonies do.

The exception to this is the lovely and incredibly talented Drew Barrymore. Everyone knows her life story. She experienced too much too young. The family that she was born into was broken. At such a young age she battled her demons like drugs and alcohol. At the young age of thirty, she has lived three lifetimes.

Despite everything that she has been through, she's not a bitter person. She's a sweet free spirit who went from wild child to flower child. This does explain why she named her production company "Flower Productions." Anyway, she manages to be humble and so very goofy. I love anyone who is able to laugh at his or herself.

Drew is not just a flower child, she's a successful actress and businesswoman. Most of the films that she stars in she produces. So, not only is she brilliant in front of the camera but also behind it. She has proven to the world that she is a force to be reckon with. It doesn't hurt to get two paychecks when making a movie either.

Ms.Barrymore is living proof that anyone can overcome any obstacle that life throws at them. She has achieved what many child stars strive for; a successful movie career. On top of, being sober for over a decade, reconciling with her family and she's also found love. She is at peace with her life and herself.

Drew is an inspiration to me and should be to anyone. She is the perfect combination of strength, beauty, intelligence and humor. Her life and career is evidence that the human spirit is greatest weapon against adversity.