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Monday, February 27, 2006

.....Choice..NO MORE!......

The other day the South Dakota Senate passed bill that will only allow a woman to get an abortion if her health is at risk, cases of rape and incest were not included. . On top of that, 16 states are in the process of passing laws restricting gay adoption for 2006 elections. In the country that we live in today, I shouldn't be shocked but I am. After all that has happened ever since Bush has taken office I'm still an optimist...or maybe I'm just a closeted masochist?

We live in such beautiful but painfully dark world and laughter is what gets us through but some days, it just enough, especially in the time that we're living in. It's hard for me to imagine judging and telling a woman close to me that she will remain pregnant whether she likes it or not, because pregnancy shouldn't be used a form punishment to sexually active women, but to some, like those in SD, it is. Therefore, I can never fathom those who feel entitled to control the reproductive rights of women that they do not know nor care for. They are not pro-women and should stop claiming to be, since they obviously value the "life" and the non-existent rights of a fetus over the woman that is carrying it. And let's not forget that these individuals are the ones that are against the use of birth control and emergency contraception, therefore they refuse to dispense contraception to these women. Under Bush's reign, it looks as if you can have it both ways, especially if you're a Christian conservative.

America alone, there are a half million children living in foster homes or adoptions agencies. The saddest statistic is 16% of these children are under the age of 1, so not all infants are adopted. Stability and security are vital to a child's development but these politicians don't want that for these kids. They'd rather have them go from foster home to foster home instead of being with parent(s) that are qualified and willing to take them in, simply because they're gay. If these so-called "pro-family" people really cared about a child's well being then they wouldn't try to prevent gays and single people from adopting. Every child deserves to have loving parent(s) and a stable home.

Whether it is maternal, paternal, platonic or romantic, love is love and it is beautiful in its purest forms. It's is life's greatest blessing and every person deserves it. Instead of being criticized, discriminated, and banned, it should be accepted and shared. Those who are trying restrict it because of their own ignorance; fear and hate do not have that right. They are denying children, men and women love because they themselves are incapable of opening up their own minds and hearts in order to grow and progress as a human race.

Being compassionate means tolerance, acceptance and love. These so-called "compassionate Christians" have no right to preach their message since they are not living it. Compassion is respecting a woman's right to choose instead of condemning her. It is not holding up signs saying that homosexuals will burn in hell. Nor is it planting bombs in abortion clinics or tying a young gay man to fence and beating him to death because of who he is. And it is not creating laws discriminating against minorities and stifling civil liberties. As a country, we need to move forward instead of constantly taking steps backwards and the only way we can do this is if we come together and start practicing what we preach.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

....My Bad, I didn't mean to bust a cap in your 78-year-old face...

If God exists, he gave all the comedians in America and The Daily Show a gold mine by having Cheney accidentally shooting one of his supporters in the face while quail hunting. The quails were raised in captivity and were/are wingless. It's basically shooting fishes in a barrel just add a 78-year-old man into the mix. Poor Harry Whittington, all he was doing was packing up the quail that he just dispatched and he was greeted the nation's second most powerful man ...with a shot to the face. But from what I hear, he's doing well. We may not agree on politics but I wouldn't wish such a horrific injury on anyone...unless they tried to inflict it on me or if it was Fred Phelps, Pat Robertson, that bitch Jasmine from 6th grade etc..

There have been reports that Whittington was at one point, in very critical condition but he's fine now. Although I didn't really like how the White House sort of blamed it on him. The man expected everyone there to ..I don't know... pick out the man amongst the flock of quails in front of them. It's not exactly "Where Waldo?" (which I always kicked ass, btw) for gawd sake. That's not too much to expect. This happened Saturday and unlike their usual preemptive behavior, the White House waited a day to even talk about the story. Of course, a reporter outed them..word travels fast here in the states, just look at our tabloids. Or Angelina's bump watch.

Dick has to be under a lot of stress to make such a mistake. Perhaps he has not had his annual eye exam? Did he mentally shut down and imagine that Whittington was Jack Abramoff or a New York Times reporter? Maybe Whittington and him had an argument over who would ride shotgun? They could have fought over who was going to use their special quail recipe afterwards. We don't know....and I don't think we ever will.

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