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Sunday, September 18, 2005

........Ten Items or less: The Celebrity Couplings edition......

Hello mah babies, this entry will be fun and frivolous because my past rantings have been serious. Sometimes, I need a little break from this fucked up world we live in today! Let the pointless celebrity ramblings begin!

1. Brad and Angelina are still trying to save world and god bless them for their efforts! My beloved but very discreet pairing attended the Clintion Global Summit this past week. Although from what I gather this was not the event where they chose to come out as an official pair and so they attended on separate days. I don't doubt that both days ended with them meeting at a hotel to talk about the summit, read to the kids, tuck them in and then had some post-world saving sex. Ah, life is GRANDE. Sadly, there has been a lack of Papa Pitt and Mama Jolie pics. I guess Mad and Zahara were letting the 'rents have their saving the world/"alone" time together. They are such thoughtful kids!

In a recent Good Morning America interview Ms. Jolie was talking about little Zahara's weight gain and how "we" call Zahara by her new nick name "Chubby". Now, she didn't specifiy who "we" was but I think it's safe to assume "we" is Brad and Mad. Yes, it is only a matter of time before she says Brad...2 weeks to be exact! Here are some pics of the world's hottest Milf and Dilf at the Summit.

I am lovin' the dark hair! His eyes are so captivating! Keep the look B, me and many others love it!
Great profile shot of Ms. Jolie and confirmation that she doesn't need to pull off the "concerned" look unlike Ms. Hilton.

2. So Britney finally gave birth to her son, Preston Michael this past Wednesday. Of course Kevin wanted to name him "free ride" but he decided against it since he was the only one in the room laughing when he made the suggestion. We all know what this means! Armageddon is-ah comin'! Seriously, I wish Britney the best and I hope in 2006 her, Preston and Justin are happy together....heheheh that's right, you read that line correctly!

3. Renee and Kenny are kaput! Man, only after MONTHS of being wedlock they throw in the towel. I guess Renee didn't have him at hello! Was anyone really surprised that these two didn't last??? So, Mr. President and the religious right, how are homosexuals endangering the sanctity of marriage again?? Oh yes, by outlasting "Blessed" heterosexual unions such as the one mentioned above and raising otherwise abandoned, orphaned, or abused children. Mmm..I see now.

4. Bennifer 2 are still together (who would have imagined?! Well besides their fans), Jennifer is still implanted with his seed, Vartan is still long gone, and Ben is seeing a psychologist! Sounds like everything is going well in the world of Bennifer 2. Although with Ben seeing a shrink, I wouldn't be surprised if he went AWOL before, during or after the birth of their baby girl. Yes, I'm still holding out hope that baby will look exactly like Michael Vartan!

5. Eat your heart out Paris because Nicole has moved on! She has befriended another grotesquely skinny Hollywood "It" girl. And who is this young starlet you ask, well it is no other than Mischa Barton! Wow, replace one skinny bitch with another skinny but YOUNGER bitch. You go Nicole! Yeesh, eat a sandwich girl because you look like you're 12!

6. Freddie Prinze and Sarah Michelle Gellar had a wonderful 3rd anniversary I hear. He brought her to Woo Lae Oak which is a popular Korean restaurant in Beverly Hills and he cooked for her! Awwwwww! I hope these two get to baby making real soon lol Please, checkout his show Freddie when it airs! And no, I'm not his PR rep I just believe that he is well-suited for sitom life.

*Smooches* for SMG!

How Good it is to be loved by you!

You better not be eating anything sugary because you're going to have a sweetness overload!

That's it for now my babies! Keep cool, and keep your eyes and ears open for anymore happening in LaLa Land.

Much love,

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