Into My Mind

Monday, November 10, 2008

........Fear lost....

Hope won and made history. I chose to write this nearly a week after because I needed time to let that monumental day sink in and to also gather my thoughts and feelings. A part of me believes this a dream that I'm about awake from because these past eight years have felt like an endless nightmare. It's not, we are living in a wonderful reality where hope beat fear, Americans stood up for change and Barack Obama is going to be our 44th President.

When Keith Olbermann made the announcement a flood of shock, happiness and relief overcame me. His voice was filled emotion so much that it did shake and it reflected how most Barack supporters felt. The absolute joy that was going around the country was palpable even as I watched the results from my television. I have never seen so many Americans celebrate and cry tears of elation. We were all connected at that exact moment because we all worked for it alongside Barack. The most beautiful image from that night is seeing a mosaic of all different types of people, young, old, black, white, Asian, gay, straight, democrat, republican, independent, they were united as one as Americans.

Around the world, Americans and non-Americans were celebrating with us. The international community loves Americans (with the exception of the hateful and crazy ones) but they have hated our leadership for the past eight years. Now, they are welcoming us back because of Barack. As a world, we face many challenges that require us to come together and a leader that unites is needed to do that, Barack is it. Excuse my lack of eloquence in this statement, but they also don't us to have a leader who would willingly bomb the shit of their country without a second thought. Americans showed the global community that we truly a democracy and that we can take our country and government back when it needs to be saved.

On that night, America lived up to its message, if you worked hard, play by the rules, your dreams no matter how grand they are, can come true.