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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

.............Driven Apart..................

First, I have to make this perfectly clear I am an Angelina Jolie fan. So yes, this entry will be a bit biased. Secondly, I loved Friends and have nothing against Jennifer Aniston. I like her and I think that her personality makes her appealing but when it comes to looks she is a little above average much like Gwenyth Paltrow. Lastly, I can "woman up" as Gabe Kapler would say and accept the truth. Hey, I used to love Jennifer Garner and Britney Spears, so I know when to drop someone when he/she turns into a jackass.

Was I surprised that Jennifer and Brad brokeup? A little, but not as much as the rest of the world. These two had very different views on marriage and commitment to begin with. She viewed it as a solid commitment that needed work while he believed it could work if both parties were willing. He did say that monogamy seemed a bit unrealistic. Let's not forget that Jennifer question if he was the love of her life. Those are tell-tale signs RIGHT THERE!

Then there was their priorities in life. Brad has been a successful actor for over a decade now. He's in his forties (and looking damn fine!) and has publicly said that he wants kids. While Jennifer has been primarily known as a television star and is just now getting her movie career on track. Although she said that she wanted to have a family she did stress that she wanted to focus on her career first. These two were married but were clearly on two diverging paths.
On Oprah she said that she'd focus on baby making with Brad after Friends wrapped but she signed up to do four movies back-to-back. So obviously, she had her career on her mind over having a family and for whatever reason she didn't want to juggle both. There's nothing wrong with that. She shouldn't have to compromise her career but Brad shouldn't have to do the same with his dream of being a father. Hehad to do that for four years and he isn't getting any younger.

So, why stay in a marriage where both parties are in different stages in their lives and neither are willing to compromise? Honestly, answer that question if you can. These issues were present in their relationship WAYYY before Angelina entered the picture. So, put your tiki torch away because their marriage unraveling was their fault, not hers.

There is one fact about her that no one can deny, she never hid behind a publicist; she always spoke for herself. Whatever was on her mind, no matter how weird, outrageous, or candid, she said it with her OWN mouth! She was an open book which the press is supposed to love and embrace, but everything is never enough for them. In the end, they burned her by making her out to be a homewrecker simply because of how she looks and the doctored pics of her and Brad "cheating".

Do I believe that she is an honorable woman? Yes and I believe her and Brad when they say that nothing happened on set during Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Besides, some of those photos were clearly fixed because in one shot her hand is going through him! Either that or she is one hot ghost! Anyway, Angelina has always been a free spirit but never a liar. Since her and her father are estranged, I know that she would do everything in her power to be the antithesis of him. He did jeopardize her future with Maddox by going on various entertainment shows saying that she wasn't mentally stable. Most importantly, he cheated on her mother and witnessed how it affected her mother. "The Other Woman" is not a role Ms. Jolie would gladly accept, actually any caring woman would reject that role in a heartbeat!

It makes me sad to see her putting a legal restriction on the press/media when it comes to her personal life. But I understand why she did it because no matter what she said, it just wasn't good enough, so why bother?? The same goes for Brad too. Angelina has clearly grown into a very talented actress, doting mother and caring humanitarian. No matter what she does, the press/media and the general public will always demonize her. It's undeserved, unfair and just plain wrong.

Now that her and Brad are together, I wish them the best. He has found what he's always wanted; a family. To top it off, he's with a beautiful, unique, loving, sexy and selfless woman who is willing to share her life and family with him. In return, Angelina's kids have a father and she is finally with a man who is conventional, stable but accepts her for who she is. I truly hope that these two are the exception to "hollywood couples" rule and prove that both parties can be A-list, equals on and off screen and are able to make their relationship work and last.

Here are some adorable pics..

Papa Pitt and Zahara

Papa Pitt, Maddox, and Zahara..looks like they're letting mommy work lol

Mama Jolie and Papa they must have the hottest sex ever LOL

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

......Gay Like Him........

Shame is an interesting feeling to experience or witness. Other times, it's just painful because it could turn into hate and intolerance. In the case of Brad* (not Mr. Pitt!), his shame is present in the form of homophobia, fear and denial of who he really is; a Catholic but closeted gay man.

Brad is an 18 year-old guy that attends church every Sunday, is strongly against gay rights and marriage yet, embraces their culture by watching Ellen Degeneres talk show, Will and Grace, loves celebrity gossip and has a crush on Brad Pitt and listens to teeny bopper music. He is afraid of gays because he is (as he would unashamedly say is "one of them"). Unlike him, they are proud of who they are and have locked the closet that they have stepped out of while he is still hiding in his.

Although he has yet to even "turn the doorknob" the door is made out of glass so those who are close to him see him for who he really is or ignore it. Of course, we must not forget the fact that the God that he praises allegedly condemns him. And the religion he so devoutly practices has openly discriminated against gays and their lifestyles. Clearly, they are not promoting Christian values such as acceptance, tolerance, love, and compassion. Unfortunately, neither has Brad.

Instead of supporting his fellow homosexuals, he judges, and belittles them by embracing their culture but refusing to see them more than "entertainment puppets" for so-called heterosexuals like himself. Sure, his blatant homophobia is a facade but his true self is clearly present. His closet's glass door is slowly cracking and franticly, he is trying to stop it from shattering into a thousand pieces. His efforts are fruitless because slowly but surly his secret is coming out. Eventually, he will accept the truth when he choose to do so. He is a gay Catholic. If his God is everything that the bible makes him out to be, then he will love and accept Brad for who he is. Hopefully, the people in Brad's life will do the same.

There is another guy that is similar to Brad, except he's straight and his name is Brian. Like Brad, he is Christian, against gays and views them as "entertainment puppets" His fear of homosexuals has caused him to be very angry and well delusional. Since he is a Christian conservative, he believes that gays have an "agenda" and are rapidly growing. Ok, they're not growing, they're just coming out at an earlier age. Everyone knows that they only makeup a very small fraction of the population and depsite certain Christian propaganda, homosexuality cannot be taught. Yet, he believes so and wants them our government to forbid them from marrying and adopting children because it will "ruin" society.

Obviously, I'm not gay but I know a homophobia when I meet one. Brad and Brian might as well be the poster boys for all homophobes around the world. Brian views homosexuality as a weakness, being less of a man and heaven forbid he is seen as "Weak" especially being a liberal and all. There's also the fact that he has "daddy issues" too, that doesn't excuse his hatred and ignorance. But I do understand that it is hard to reverse the effects of something that has been so deeply embedded in one's mind, heart and soul. IT IS POSSIBLE! Unfortunately, Brian believes that he is right and doesn't view his intolerance as a fault.

Although there is one characteristic of his that intrigues me. He is a spineless coward, despite being a staunch conservative. Every time we have gotten into verbal spats I am the victor and yes, I always have the last word. The minute my back is turned, his claws come out and he takes a swipe at me and very petty ones to say the least. When I turn around, he is nowhere to be seen. Sounds like someone fights like a diva-bitch! Awww snap, no I didn't!

Much like his idols Ann Coulter and Bill O'Reilly, he makes uninformed opinions about issues that he knows absolutely NOTHING about! The term "acceptance" or "tolerance" are not in his vocabulary because he is so closed minded that his head has a specialized vise around it. Oh and like most Christian conservatives, he hopes that the south will raise again....they lost the war get over it already!

This is the first and last time that I will ever speak of Brian. Do I expect him to stop fighting like a diva-bitch? Of course not! But now, he knows where I stand and hopefully, he'll get the message that I don't deal with diva-bitches. I only fight with real men and it's quite obvious that he isn't.

Much love y'all,

Monday, August 29, 2005

..Some Women are "Missing a Sensitivity chip" too....

Women are no better than men. Yes, I just spoke the truth so there is no need to adjust your monitor or refreshing the page. Despite Oprah, the Lifetime channel, Oxygen network, and the plethora of women magazines cluttering the periodical sections in libraries, and shelves on news stands, and grocery stores, women are capable of being just as "insensitive", "heartless","cruel" and "selfish" as men. The difference is, women are wise enough to cover their tracks and can easily manipulate outsiders into thinking that there are the victim, the broken hearted one that needs their sympathy and that their callousness is somehow justifiable.

It's funny how Brad Pitt is being crucified for moving on and getting the life that he wanted with another woman so soon after divorcing his wife. Yet, Jennifer Lopez who shamelessly paraded around town with Affleck while still being married to Cris Judd didn't receive the same kind of criticism. Yes, by non-famous individuals she was called a "whore" by the tabloids didn't tear her to shreds like they are with Brad.

Let's not forget about the other Jennifer who didn't wait too long to ran into the arms of her beloved co-star after divorcing from her less famous husband. Without giving her relationship with Michael a second (and not waiting at least two months) she jumps into the very hairy arms of another co-star. It's not desperation, love didn't conquer all, and loneliness is total cop-out and is a very, VERY weak defense. Let's call it what it is, these women aren't missing a sensitivity chip; they choose to corruptit in order to satisfy their own needs.

We are not godly creatures that are incapable of craving lust, giving into temptation or being completely and utterly insatiable. Like men, we have our weaknesses and our faults. Infidelity is not a sin that is solely committed by men and it's about time that the term men and words like "infidelity", "affair" and "cheating" are no longer used synonymously. It is unfair and unjust that society condemns men for recovering quickly from a breakup but then thoughtlessly supports women when they do the same. Women (like men) have souls, hearts and brains too and like their male counterparts, they know perfectly well what they are doing. Their careless and unbelievably selfish actions are IN NO WAY EXCUSABLE.

So ladies, if you want to change the game around so that both sexes are on an even playing field stop with the hypocrisy, be a real woman and take some responsibility for your actions. Because God knows that we are the LAST people that should be throwing stones at men.

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Sunday, August 28, 2005

...........Only the Beautiful Matter.....

As if beautiful people aren't blessed enough with gorgeous God given looks, they also receive a lot of attention and most of the time it's not needed. Every time you go to the grocery store what magazines are right by the checkout counter? Tabloids! Yes, Us Weekly and even People count as tabloids folks. People is only a tier above the other gossip rags because they actually do features on non-famous folks too. Let's not ignore the paparazzi pictures inside their glossy pages and the fact that one of their photographers was recently arrested be cause he trespassed on Brad Pitt's property trying to get a "money shot" of him and Angelina. Would a "respectable" publication encourage one of their photographers to (more like paparazzi) behave in such a matter? I think not!

Now I know what's going through your mind: "Amaya, look at your past entries, you're just as obsessed as the tabloids." Hey, I've never claimed innocence and I've knowledge my insanity MANY times. Besides, I no way consider Ben to be "beautiful" but for some reason a lot of mindless women find the cigarette scented, unshaven, alcoholic, annoying, ugly, long faced fucker attractive. So, I guess by mainstream standards he is beautiful...excuse me while I vomit on all the bennifer 2 supporters on and around the world. The tabloids successfully make us non-famous folk feel as if we're close to these beautiful people by prying into their lives. Almost as if we should care whether or not Sienna gets back with Jude more than the Valerie Plame Scandal. It's working because Karl Rove is one ugly motherfucker who is protected by an even uglier team of powerful men and women.

However, I can't blame the tabloids, or even its devoted readers (myself and my sister being one of them). The mainstream media/press is responsible for America's skewed priorities. Even they, would rather focus their time, energy, and cameras on beautiful people as well and I'm not talking about celebrities.

Now children, it's time to put on your thinking caps because it time for a pop quiz! Get it? Got it? Good! Let's begin!

1. When was the last time you can recall a national news network (like CNN, MSNBC, the heavily tilted Fox News,NBC, ABC, and CBS)having around the clock coverage on a missing person that was a man?

2. Can you remember any of the networks that I have listed above doing a feature on a missing woman that wasn't white/Caucasian? And your local news doesn't count.

Now, if you answered no for both questions then you rank with many others including me. So, you get a gold star! Here's a bonus question:

What do JonBenet Ramsey, Elizabeth Smart, Chandra Levy, Lacey Peterson, and, Scout Taylor Compton, Natalee Halloway have in common?

They are all beautiful, white and are the picturesque image of the all-American girl. Oh and their stories captivated America and our news networks for weeks and in some cases even months. So wait, only beautiful white women have horrible things happen to them? According to the mainstream media/press, yes they do. No, I'm insinuating that the media is racist, it's known fact that they are. Everyday, women, men and children of all races are kidnapped, murdered, raped, or become missing yet the media chooses to only focus on the desirable ones. In this case, desirable is female, white and beautiful. That desirable image is a false representation of this country's citizens and blatant display its racism.

Don't believe me? Watch a national news network like CNN or MSNBC. If you don't have cable watch NBC's NATIONAL news broadcast. Now, view these programs for a week. Honestly, try to find a story that focuses on a missing or brutalized minority man or woman. Were you successful? Because I've done this for years and I haven't even come close to succeeding.

This last question is for the mainstream media/press:

How can you sleep at night knowing that the blood of innocent people are on your hands?? How can you live with yourself knowing that your biased, your ignorance, you're selfishness destroys lives? The people in charge of this country are inhumane, greedy and without a conscience; what's your excuse?

Friday, August 19, 2005

.....The Curse of Bennifer 2!!!!!!!.................

Hello mah babies, I've been gone awhile due to babysitting my little niece. However, I decided to update my beloved blog because hell has officially frozen, the pigs at my local farm have began to grow wings, Pam did NOT marry Tommy Lee for a third time and Jennifer Lopez is still married to Marc Anthony. The Curse of the Affleck has given birth to The Curse of Bennifer 2! Unlike the Curse of the Affleck, this HEX is widespread because its victims are the cast, crew and fans of Alias, and Michael Vartan.

My beautiful Michael is "leaving" Alias. honestly, I don't blame him, actually we all know who I'm going to blame lol Yes, there is a 5% chance that this false but my heart (and certain sources) have told me that Michael will be gone early in the season. With what I've been hearing about this season (spoilers) myself and MANY, MANY others like me will follow in Michael's lead. Of course, the fact that the last two season have been (at least to me)lackluster and dare I say subpar to the show's first two seasons was a factor in my decision as well.

Now before all you JG fans get your panties in a bunch, chill out and keep reading, well unless you hate seeing the truth or "negative words" written about your queen, I suggest that you leave. Let's be real, it doesn't seem like JG is putting up a fight to keep the series going and to keep Vartan on the show along with ABC. Come on people, they moved the show to Thursday that's like ABC buying its plot and tombstone. Now with Vartan gone, a HUGE part of the show's appeal and audience will follow suit.

Yes, she's pregnant, well big motherfucking deal! Gillian Anderson got pregnant during season one of x-files and that series went on for 9 years so don't give me any crap about how it isn't possible because it is you delusional fools! Like I've said before JG's so-called film career isn't sturdy or established enough for her to fall back on. She is a selfish bitch because her decision not only affects her life but also the lives of the people who work on the show as well. Heaven forbid the focus of the show (at least for the first half of the season) isn't on her! Then again, she is married (excuse me while I vomit on every Ben Affleck movie ever created) to an ego maniac so I'm not THAT surprsied. She doesn't give a fuck about the cast, crew and the fans of the show because if she did she would be willing to compromise and she would be grateful to each and everyone one of them but she isn't. I guess being implanted with Affleck's seed really does fuck a woman up.

Like her husband *GAGS* and his ex she has now begun playing the blame game(in Style magazine) by pointing fingers at the press for her problems. Yes, that's right it's not her fault that her so-called "friends" aka "sources close to her" or PR people couldn't keep her pregnancy a secret. Yes, the media is to blame because she was too ashamed to tell her mother, family and friends that her first child was unplanned and that her and Ben had no intention of getting married before then. That's right, the tabloids forced her into hooking up with their poster boy therefore creating a relationship that gave them and her PR whore Nicole King endless wet dreams. Then, they made her get impregnanted by the son of a bitch to sell more magazines! Mmm..just like how McDonald's forced people into buying and eating their burgers 5 to 6 times a week and then made them to have multiple heart attacks. Yes, the media are crafty motherfuckers and Ms. Garner is an innocent little victim. BITCH SHUT THE FUCK UP, BE A REAL WOMAN AND TAKE SOME RESPONSIBILITY FOR IDIOTIC AND SELFISH ACTIONS!!

We cannot forget about Michael, dear sweet Michael. Throughout all of this he is still very supportive of her and unlike her baby daddy, has shown concern for her health along w/ her daughter's. He has said what a good father, friend, co-worker and relative would tell any pregnant woman; Slow the fuck down, you're PREGNANT! Think about the little being inside of you for once and stop trying to be superwoman by juggling all of these balls in the air. Jesus, she's already fucked up her life by being w/ Ben, the least she could do is give her unborn daughter a better one by considering her health in her every decision.. too late she let HIM smoke around her during her entire pregnancy. Poor baby girl, at least Michael is looking out for her unlike her jackass parents.

I will miss Vartan/Vaughn dearly and I wish him the best in his career. In fact, I have faith in him because of how well Monster in Law did. His departure is the final nail in the coffin for the show and I refuse to watch it descend into the Earth. So, I and many others like me will follow Vartan and leave the wreckage that is Alias.

It's sad because my love for this show was like a marriage and it hurts to see it unravel because of ABC's greed and Jennifer Garner's selfishness. I always had faith in the show, network, crew, cast and especially in Jennifer since she always spoke about how she would stay on for her full contract. However, the minute she hooked up with Affleck I knew that my relationship was in trouble. Seriously, the man has the anti-midas touch, everything he touches turns to crap! Hello, J.Lo's career got back on track because she starred in Monster in Law with who?? VARTAN! It killed at the box office and audiences LOVED the movie! Now, the little fucker has a partner in crime and their curse is a million times worse!!! BEWARE OF THE CURSE OF BENNIFER 2 !!!!! AND JUST SAY NO TO A DAREDEVIL SEQUEL !