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Friday, September 09, 2005

......It takes a gay village............

So once again, a politician buckled under pressure from the religious right. Arnold or "Ah-nuld" as I call him, is going to veto a bill that would make gay marriage legal (once again!) in the beautifully BLUE state of California. I would understand this move if he were the governor of let's say...Texas because those bible thumpers are insane and would do anything to harm anyone who isn't like them. But he has to be in one of the bluest states in the entire country! It's ok Ah-nuld, you're safe there! There is still hope left because he has until October 9th to veto it.

Although not surprisingly, Brad (not Mr. Pitt) tried to urge those who are opposed to tell "Ah-nuld" how he should veto it. Look, you Will Truman motherfucker, you're gay! We get it, you have to hide because you're also Catholic boo-fucking-hoo! It doesn't matter how hard you pray or how many petitions you sign trying to stop your people, you will always be a gay man! Ok, it's like a brown-eyed man wearing blue eye contacts for everyday of his life!! It doesn't matter how many times he wears them his eyes will never turn BLUE! Just like how you will never be less gay despite how hard you try not to be!

Anyway, Ah-nuld's refusal to sign the bill reminded me of Star Jones Reynolds saying how she believed that marriage is a religious institution/union. Now, I will cut her some slack because she didn't say that she was against gay marriage but she did hint that she might be. Ok, does she KNOW how many gay men it takes to make her look decent??? Does she? I know that she has a few in her life because I've seen her interact with them. The same goes for Ah-nuld and his lady too because let's face it they live in Hollywood AND like Star, it takes a lot of gay men to make them look good.

When will people like them realize that just because gays work for you, doesn't mean that they're below you or any less human.


  • Hi there! The description blurb under your photo reminds me of me. Great blog (esp. the entry about Brad and Angie with the pics at the end. hot sex indeed...).

    By Blogger Hannah, at 10:16 PM  

  • Hey Mrs. D! Just wanted to say that I love your blog! So very well wrote and very informative. I love your take on Angelina, she is so an amazing woman. Good luck in the future, and keep up the great work here on your site!


    By Blogger Goonie17, at 1:16 PM  

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