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Thursday, September 29, 2005

............Blood Brother...................

I just read Blood Brother: 33 Reasons My Brother Scott Peterson by Anne Bird. It confirmed what I (and most of the country) believed; that motherfucker is guilty as sin.

I skimmed through the first few pages because it was a biography on Anne and so, I started reading when she explains how she reconnected with her birth mom Jackie Peterson (she put Anne up for adoption) and the Peterson family in 1997. They accepted her with open arms and she did the same. She grew a tight bond with Scott, Laci and Jackie.

Anne went into great detail the time that she had spent with them over the past 5 years. It really showed how close she was, how Scott had changed, and that "jumping ship" was not easy for her because she loved him and the Petersons. Her marriage suffered greatly because her husband felt that Scott was guilty early on. She didn't "jump ship" until the bodies were found. Yes people, it took her THAT long to realize that the majority of Americans were right.

It's understable why it took her so long to come out of denial. I mean, imagine someone that you loved committing such a heinous act. Could you stand by them til' the end even if the evidence and their behavoir was undeniable?

Any SANE man whose wife and unborn son are missing doesn't act as if everything is ok and that's what Scott did. He flirted with Anne's babysitter, her parents neighbor, and went to a gay club. He got upset that no one made a pass at him! A murderer is in no way a TURN ON! During her disappearance, he continued to speak to Amber Frey and watched the constant news coverage on him! Here's the kicker, he would actually get annoyed when Anne would try to help find Laci! She unfolded a map and asked him where Laci would go and he was irritated that she did that!

He's a monster, pure and simple. Instead of ruining his golden boy image by leaving his pregnant wife, he murdered her. That is unforgivable. He took away a vibrant life and a promising one that was never given a chance. Becuse of his selfish and cruel actions, the people of have suffered and he doesn't even give a fuck. The bastard is evil and the death sentence is too kind of a punishment.

The man was going to flee much like OJ, he had a truck full of supplies and thousands of dollars when he was arrested. What innocent man would do that???? He knew that what he did would be found out and tried to take he coward's way out.

Yes, OJ and possibly Michael Jackson got away with their crimes. But their public image is forever scarred. OJ will always be a murder and Michael will always be associated with his molestation trials. Neither of them will ever recover and that is their punishment.

Thankfully, justice was served because until his family stops appealing his sentence, he is going to rot in prison. I wouldn't be surprised if he were shanked before then. Prisoners don't look too kindly on those who murder children, especially if they were unborn. What's done in the dark will come into the light.


  • WOW! Yet another post by a very well informed woman! What's shakin' Mrs. D? No need to hide in a dark corner, as my post was indeed directed at you! I completely agree with you on this one. Scott is a piece of shat! The guy was guilty from day one, and I think it was totally obvious. For a monster who shows no remorse for the brutal slaying of his wife and unborn son, he is lucky to call prison home. It gets alot hotter at his next stop.......

    By Blogger Goonie17, at 10:55 AM  

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