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Monday, September 26, 2005

......Calling out the conservative Christians.......

I've had my share of celebrity fluff and it was fun! But now, it's back to the bitchin'! Oh and before I start I'm going to rant about the bad Christians, yes the ones that hate homosexuals and will do anything to stop them from getting the rights that they are entitled to.

Shay Clark, a 14 year-old girl was expelled from her Christian school when it was discovered that her parents are lesbians. And no, this didn't happen in the "Bible Belt" in the US, this took place in Canada! The school's policy is at least one parent cannot be taking part in immoral activities and that includes a homosexual relationship or "living in sin". Yet, there have not been any reports about them booting out students with unwed parents.

This is just another case where Christians are condemning gays and frankly, they enjoy it. They try to find ANY way to punish or discriminate against them! Her parents aren't attending the school, SHE is. Obviously, they were hiding who they were to protect her because their relationship was discovered when Shay was punished for talking to the crowd during a football game.......yeah when did speaking during a sporting event become a punishable action????? My theory is Shay had a few bible thumpers on her case and they used her talking at the game as a way to get her kicked out and expose her parents. Understandably, her parents are not going to fight the school's ruling but I would.

These Christians only believe moral individuals are exactly like them. And, it's nothing is a sin if they're doing it and it's being covered up. The rest of the s0-called morals they have is bullshit because the most inhumane and immoral people on this Earth. Don't even get me started on the priests that robbed the innocense of many young boys! Yet, the Pope did nothing to punish fucked up is that?! They are not better than us because they live a "holy" life, they're just arrogant and enjoy condemning those who are sane and honest with themselves.

The only thing they value is money. I know some people who have left the church because they were given looks of contempt for not putting enough money in the collection plate. Yeah, like God cares if you put a dollar in! It's not going into his pocket! They also cause more suffering in the world by not letting donations go to Africans with AIDS/HIV too! Why? Because the money comes from "liberal" churches that accept gays. They'll accept money from non-christians that are anti-gay but secret sinners. Boy, aren't their values great?!

Wow, these Christians always find ways to surprise me. They pride themselves on projecting a caring, tolerant and compassionate image but it's a fucking facade. Oh and leave Harry Potter the fuck alone!

Peace Out,


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