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Friday, February 25, 2005

......Blame Ben....Believe me, you will feel awesome if you do!

Have a nagging problem that just won't go away? Does it feel like the weight of the world is on your shoulders? Well, I have the perfect solution to that, blame Ben Affleck. That's right, you heard me, Blame Ben.

Through my many hours of research and playing hours of six degrees of separation, I have finally discovered the answer to all the world's problem; Ben Affleck. Everything can be traced back to him. The Curse of the Affleck like the movie "The Grudge" has infected many innocent actors/actresses around him, especially those who bed him. Gwenyth Paltrow, J.Lo and Jennifer Garner have not faired well since being infected by this horrible curse. Gwenyth and J.Lo have not had a film that was a commercial or critical success since inheriting this curse. We all know how horrible "Elektra" is doing at the box-office. Granted, the circumstances surrounding its release were ill-fated (JG being sick and not doing promotion and the horrible reviews it has received from fans and critics) but her relationship with Ben and being on every magazine cover with him did not help her case either. I won't even go into the current state of Ben's career because it's too damn depressing.

This blasted curse has leaked into politics as well. I solely blame Ben for John Kerry's loss, not Bob Schrum, BEN! There were already enough celebrities backing Kerry. His camp could have-wait, scratch that, they SHOULD have said no to Ben. They had Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston, Edward Norton, and Sarah Jessica Parker. Once you got the Pitts and Carrie Bradshaw on your side, you don't need anyone else, especially Affleck. So what if he's from MA, Matt Damon is from Boston too but he didn't feel the need to jump onto the band wagon. Ben should have been tazered, bound, gagged and then pushed off the wagon. We can also thank Ben for the current state of the ozone layer. Him and damn Aqua Net!!

Sadly, the curse Ben carries with him claimed another victim, the 2003 Red Sox. Aaron Boone and not even Grady Little, are not the reasons why the Sox didn't make it the world series that year, it was their most famous and annoying fan, Ben. What kind of a die hard Red Sox fan brings their Yankee loving finace to Fenway Park? Worst of all, he allowed her to act like a DivaBitch. Who in their right mind requests a small monitor to view the game when they have seats right next to the Sox dugout???? A DivaBitch, that's who! As a Sox fan, he was sleeping with the enemy! I curse you Ben Affleck, I curse you for all eternity! *Hisses*

Ben projects a very appealing image. The "I'm just a good old boy from Beantown" image but I just can't buy it. I should, because I'm a huge Red Sox fan, we're from Boston, but I can't. It just seems so fake. He's trying so hard to convince people that he's humble and real. His lifestyle and behavior completely contradict the persona that he's trying to project.

My opinion of Ben is colored by his relationship with J.Lo and no, I'm not talking about the magazine covers and entertainment shows they were on. I saw footage of them on the set of "Gigli" and how they were affectionate with one another and she was still married to Cris Judd. The way that they were being affectionate was not platonic. He was touching her butt and hugging her. Even though she was willing to openly flirt and be unfaithful to her husband, he was just as guilty. The fact that he took advantage of the situation was wrong. He knew that she was married and Cris even told him to back off. Instead of being a man and obeying Cris's request he sent her flowers at the opening of her restaurant and took out a full page ad in Variety raving about how great it was to work with her. When I saw that, I said to myself, "Dude, you are so fucking shameless!"

His younger brother Casey is not trying to project that image because he is down to Earth and real. In Boston magazine he hints that he knows that his relationship with Ben is not perfect and that he's closer to Matt. He does talk about how Hollywood can change a guy for the worst. He mentions without saying names how some guys start dating movie stars (Gwenyth, J.Lo and now Jennifer Garner) and buying expensive cars (Ben loves to buy Bentleys) to feel successful or to boost their ego and he just doesn't agree with that. He called out his own brother without even naming him. Now, you know that you must suck when you're little brother is publicly dissing you.

It is obvious, what must be done. Yes, this curse must be lifted. All that I'm suggesting is that we, (the World) should come together and ...erradicate this problem. For a couple of bones, I know a certain four-legged individual, named after a certain incarcerated domestic diva, who will gladly solve our little..problem. The best part, she can make it look an accident.

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

...........................Silencio You Fool...................................

This is what the Republican party/the Bush administration are probably thinking about Gannon. While they're trying to kill this story, he keeps on rolling with it. Now, he's actually thinking about releasing a book because he has said that he has been keeping a journal of his days at the White House since February of 2003. I got this from Americablog and they got this from E&P

Gannon/Guckert Met Kerry at WH Reporters' Bash, Hopes to Go Again By Joe Strupp Published: February 22, 2005 updated 3:05 PM ET NEW YORK At previous galas he says he managed to meet Sen. John Kerry and Al Franken. But will James Guckert's recent notoriety as a partisan White House reporter who used a fake name, among other alleged activities, keep him out of this year's White House Correspondents Dinner?

Guckert, a.k.a. Jeff Gannon, doesn’t think so.

"I have every intention of attending this year's [dinner]," Guckert, a guest at the last two dinners, told E&P today. "Don’t you think I could? I'm sure someone is going to ask me or offer me the opportunity to go. It is a great publicity event." This year's dinner will be held on April 30.

Guckert, the former Talon News reporter, has become a center of controversy after it was learned that he had used an alias at the White House for two years and had ties to several sex Web sites, including escort services. He said he attended the past two White House Correspondents Association dinners, which are limited to WHCA members and their guests. Although he is not a WHCA member, and has never sought membership, he claims he attended the 2003 and 2004 dinners as a guest of two different members.

"I got a ticket each year," Guckert said, declining to name those who brought him. "I paid, and I just wanted to be there. I met John Kerry at one of them and the cast of 'The West Wing.' I met Al Franken at the first one after he'd gotten into it with the Fox News table."

Ron Hutcheson, WHCA president, did not recall seeing Guckert at any previous dinners, but said he would have no problem if the notorious reporter showed up as a guest. "I am not about to tell someone they cannot invite somebody," Hutcheson told E&P. "Controversial guests seem to be a regular thing." Hutcheson, who covers the White House for Knight Ridder, said the association has 300 members, all of whom are allowed to purchase tables of 10 for the dinner at $175 per person. He said WHCA membership is limited to those reporters who hold either permanent White House "hard passes" or Capitol Hill press credentials.

In other matters, Guckert said he is spending most of his time these days writing in a journal he has kept since he first began covering the White House in February 2003, a journal that could become a book. "I have probably one page for each day at the White House, about 200 pages of stuff," said Guckert. "Is it all interesting? Probably not. But it could be [a book]. I haven’t thought that far ahead."

Guckert, who contends he still has a future in journalism, also added that entering the paid-speaker circuit is another goal. "It is likely that I will start making some appearances and speaking," he said, declining to name specific efforts he has taken in that regard. "There are people who are definitely interested in some of my behind-the-scenes work in the press room." That is certainly an understatement. When asked about what journalistic opportunities he could find, Guckert said only: "I still think, despite the bad things being said about me, I am a journalist, I have been one for two years and have written about 500 articles. I paid a big price for the privilege to call myself a journalist."

Although Guckert said no one had asked him to be their guest at the 2005 White House Correspondents dinner, scheduled for April 30, he believes his recent fame will make him a potential guest. "There is still time," he said, noting that the dinner had often prompted attention because of some controversial guests in the past, such as Monica Lewinsky. "There is always someone there trying to make news," he added. "Maybe this year it is going to be me."

My Two Cents
This man is delusional, hell, that doesn't even begin to describe him. Just a few days ago, he wanted to put this matter behind him and now he wants to milk it for all its worth?? What happened to thinking about the "welfare" of his friends and family? How "divorced from reality" is he if he actually thinks that he will be invited to the White House? At least Monica was supposed to be there, she had an actual occupation, an intern. However, he is forgetting one important detail about all of this, HE WAS A GAY MANWHORE!!! This administration is supposed to be all about morals and values not bitches and hoes. He's not Ozzy Osbourne, heck he isn't even a C-List celebrity. His lack of a brain, almost amazes me!

Next his going to be on Celebrity boxing or one of those "Celebreality" shows on VH1. How pathetic would he be seen getting wasted with a naked Mini-Me on a scooter...or maybe he'd like that...Anyway, he has to realize that if he wants his book to sell, he's going to have to air out some dirty laundry because if Hillary and Bill Clinton or Amber Fry didn't, then neither of them would be bestselling authors and everyone knows that. Salacious stories=big $$$$.

Of course, it would be a miracle if this book were released with that kind of material. I wouldn't be surprised if he were to coincidentally have a tragic "accident" like those surrounding the JFK asssassination. Like I wouldn't think that it would be unusual if Gannon were to "fall" out his car while driving, getting an ax to the head or my favorite, a karate chop to the throat while stepping out of the shower. By the way, that is my number one fear while in the shower, next to slipping and cracking my skull open. The idea of getting what Austin Powers would call a "Judo chop" to the throat while in my most vuneralable physical state, is terrifying and yet, a very interesting way to go.

Gannon has to learn how to be silent or like many before him, this administration will do it for him. God Bless America.

Monday, February 21, 2005

.....Random Stuff About Gannon/Guckert..........

Little by little, newspapers are starting to cover Gannongate. Of course, it's only op-ed pieces, but it's still a start. I refuse to let this story die. So, I'm pasting a well-written article from Christian Scicence Monitor or that covers Gannongate.

Time for Bush to define 'independent press'

The cafes and restaurants here were atwitter again last weekend. Finally, after years of talking about things like terrorism and deficits and Social Security reform, the capital's chatterers had a story they could discuss without reading a briefing paper.

Thank you, Jeff Gannon or James Guckert or whatever your name really is. It seems like old times again inside the Beltway.

In case you haven't heard the story, it goes something like this: Somehow, a "reporter" (his, not my, description of his work) calling himself Jeff Gannon, who worked for a conservative website called Talon News, got into the White House briefing room on a regular basis. He then would lob softball questions at the press secretary and even, on at least one occasion, the president.

Not interesting enough? OK, it turns out he was using an alias. His real name is James Guckert. And it turns out there are compromising photos of Mr. Guckert on some homoerotic websites.

Some on the left are angry because, they argue, if this had happened in a Democratic administration, hearings would already be scheduled on Capitol Hill. And some on the right call those on the left hypocrites for attacking a man for his lifestyle choices. In other words, yet another story is reduced to a discussion of the naughty bits. But there are bigger issues here. Democrats are almost certainly right that if this all happened in, say, the late 1990s, the Hill would be full of would-be executioners. But does that make that course of action any more right? And Republicans are right that there's too much glee in the Democrats' "How could this happen?" talk. But what exactly do you expect?

Guckert's life before becoming "Washington bureau chief" of Talon News is his own business. What exactly he did as a reporter is not.

The Guckert fiasco first surfaced because of a Jan. 26 press conference where President Bush called on Gannon/Guckert, who asked the president how he could work with Senate Democrats when they "seem to have divorced themselves from reality." Bush, like any good politician, stepped into that fat one and answered by giving a short outline of his many policy plans.

What was more interesting than that exchange, however, was the one that immediately preceded it at the same press conference - a back-and-forth with reporters about the administration's paying reporters for positive coverage, as the Education Department did with Armstrong Williams. "There needs to be a nice independent relationship between the White House and the press," the president said.

The question is where Guckert fits into all this. True, the White House didn't pay him for coverage, we assume. But how exactly do he,and pseudo-reporters like him qualify as journalists and help create the "nice independent relationship" the president says he seeks?

Talon News is essentially a "news" mouthpiece for a conservative advocacy website called GOPUSA - that's GOP, as in Grand Old Party. The editor in chief of Talon is president of GOPUSA. On the conservative website Free Republic, Guckert called on others who use the site to demonstrate at Kerry headquarters during the presidential campaign. And many of his stories contained verbatim repeats of White House press releases.

So what? All journalists are biased in some way, say some conservatives. True, journalists are humans, and all humans are biased in some way. But Guckert crossed the line from having a bias to being a propagandist and party activist. Online he was a White House ditto-machine masquerading as reporter, and in the pressroom he was a safe place for Scott McClellan to go when the White House press secretary needed a lifeline during televised briefings.

For the average TV viewer, there's no difference between Guckert and the correspondents of The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, or the paper you're reading now, for that matter. And that's troublesome.

Even after the president's call for an independent relationship with the press, Guckert was back in the White House pressroom. Mr. McClellan even defended Guckert's place there. It was only later, when blogs exposed Guckert's previous Web exploits, that he resigned from Talon News.

It may be time for the White House to define some terms for all of us. What does a "nice independent relationship" with the press really mean? It's easy to see how people like Guckert fit with the "nice" part (at least from the White House perspective); it's the "independent" part that's not clear.

My Two Cents
I don't agree that his prostitution past/present is not apart of his private life. It's not as if someone broke into his house and stole those pictures. There were on the internet, for all the world to see.

Oh and Gannon is threatening to sue everyone who has exposed this story for "political assassination". This would have to mean that he would have to come clean about his hooker past/present and I'm pretty sure a lot of men in our country's capital would not want that to happen. Would the conservatives who have been defending him still stand by his side? I think not. I can only imagine the names that can be found in that little black book. Also, Gannon should be tried as criminal because prostitution, unlike in Nevada, is ILLEGAL in D.C.

Since I've been talking about this story for a few days now, I guess I could be on Gannon's enemy list. Then again, my blog isn't directly associated to the bloggers that blew this story open and isn't as intelligent or as popular to receive such attention. Sadly, this isn't the first time that I've been threatened with "legal" action, it's the second lol. The first time came from a guy who owns a message board and acted like he was God of the internet. It was an empty threat, like Gannon's. Besides, Gannon and the Republican party have so much more to lose than any of us "liberal bloggers" combined. From what I've learned, only truly scared and desparate men threaten legal action.

Sunday, February 20, 2005

...Where Are You Mainstream Media?............

NBC seems to be the ONLY network that has covered the Gannongate scandal. I thought the media was supposed to be "liberal"? Well, if they really were, they would be ALL over this story. Yet, like anything else that could possibly expose this administration, they've chosen to be sinfully silent (I love that term) The strangle hold that this administration has is unbelievable. Most of the Cable news networks like CNN, MSNBC and even FOX News have at least had ONE segment about this! It's sad that I and others like me had to find this out through either "Real Time With Bill Maher" or Jon Stewart's "The Daily Show" Shame on you MSM!!! If this were the Clinton administration, there would a media firestorm!

So, I must correct myself and yes, I'm not afraid to correct any errors that I have made. The Secret Service KNEW Gannon's real name and supposedly did their background check on him yet, he was still admitted into the White House, even with his scandalous professional past/present. Oddly enough, he had many big scoops before the MSM did, like the clandestine CIA agent Valerie Plame and four hours before the President officially announced that the US was going to invade Iraq. How can an individual who isn't even a legitimate journalist have daily access and receive such intel??? This is coming off the heels of the WH admitting that they paid conservative commentators like Armstrong Williams to promote this administration's policies. The paranoid side of me believes that there is a mole or as Bill would say "A gerbil" in this administration who was leaking intelligence to Gannon while whispering sweet nothings in his ear.

Forget about Gannon's moonlighting, this isn't about that. This is a HUGE breach of national securityand yet, the WH and the MSM are ignoring this. So, let me get this straight, if I were to pose as a Republican advocate/journalist, could I get into the WH? Or do I have to be turning tricks on the side in order for this happen?? Must I be an oppressed neo-conservative by day but a total whore by night? I want to believe that it wasn't that easy to get into the WH, but Gannon can do it, why can't anyone else? Why does this administration feel the need to promote more of their propaganda? You're in for the next four years, stop wasting the government's money!!!

Frankly, I'm getting really tired of Guckert's lies. James is not a hard name to pronounce Guckert..maybe. James, be real, you didn't want anyone to know who you really are and so, you came up with a false name not a pen name. Authors only use to pen names to write different genres or to release more books in one year, not to hide their true identity. You showed your biased while in that press room with the questions you asked and by saying the Democratics "divorced themselves from reality." How can you even say that, when you can't accept reality? Look in the fucking mirror! Or can you? And Sweetie, I do not buy all that "born again Christian" crap, because after your "rebirth" you were still being "gay for pay" or whatever you want to call. Yes, it is still gay even if you are the "Top".

I'm writing this in hopes that this story will continue to spread and hopefully, become a national scandal. Just like the Monica Lewinsky scandal, I pray that this will be debated on ALL the news networks and that high school Social Studies classes will have in depth discussions. This needs to known and investigated.

Saturday, February 19, 2005

......Fake Name=Fake journalist.......

Last night, I was watching the 3rd season premiere of "Real Time With Bill Maher" on the wonderful channel known as HBO. In his opening monologue, he spoke about Jeff Gannon/James Guckert scandal. Now, all you fellow bloggers out there probably have heard of this developing story. Jeff Gannon was a "journalist" from a conservative website who was given a press pass into the White House for the past two years. Here's the problem, Jeff Gannon is not his real name, James Guckert is and yet, he somehow received a press pass that can only be obtained through a background check conducted by the Secret Service. Although he gave the SS a false name, he was still given a pass. He used it to his advantage and lobbed soft questions at the President.

If you want to find out more about this amusing story checkout This was the blog that unveiled this highly amusing and salacious story. Although John (the blog's author) is Liberal, he supports his entries with facts and links. The evidence, is pretty damn undeniable, although James Guckert still refuses to come clean. Oh and I almost forgot one detail, the man was and perhaps still is, a gay prostitute.

Hypocritical doesn't even BEGIN to describe Jeff/James. He is a conservative who supports and works for a party that hates him. He is a wolf in sheep's clothing. The worst part is, he has been sinfully silent while his fellow conservatives demean, and discriminate against his own people. I guess all those so-called "morals and values" that the Democrats are out of touch with is just bullshit. Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't homosexual sex an "abomination" in the Bible? Yet, he says that he's a Christian and claims that is the reason why he is be criticized. It must be so hard for him to accept that his a walking "abomination" and yes, being gay for pay is still gay. Un-fucking-believable.

James, you need to stop complaining about how wrong it was that John and his fellow bloggers uncovered your "secret or personal past" because, frankly, you asked for it. Yes, the moment you asked President Bush that blatantly biased question, you inadvertently sold yourself out. You made your face and name public knowledge when asking that question on live television. This wouldn't have happened if you were a legitimate journalist. Consider this, your prostitution past/present is apart of your PROFESSIONAL life and you advertised your services on the internet, which is a public domain. Like everyone else, you had some skeletons in your closet but, you didn't even bother to keep that closet door shut. Now, your true identity is exposed and it is not the bloggers or the media you should be angry at. At the end of the day, only you have to live yourself. You are the one that has brought shame and humiliation onto yourself and your loved ones. Not only are you a liar, but you're also a traitor, a hypocrite, a manwhore, a poser and most of all, a disgrace to the human race.

Saturday, February 05, 2005

......Blessed Union.....Or is it?

Gay marriage has to be one of the most controversial issues today, especially in the US. So much has been said and written about it. What I don't understand, is why there is so much controversy surrounding it? For some reason, I cannot understand how it affects individuals who do not plan to participate in a gay marriage. I don't see how the US's "social fabric" would be harmed by it. I live in Massachusetts and needless to say, the state did not fall off the face of the Earth when gay marriage became legal. Chaos did not occur, Satan didn't split the ground open and swallow us "heathens". People weren't running the streets like lunatics because we all know that only happens when the Red Sox beat the Yankees during the playoffs. Everything was and still is, perfectly fine. Much like the other countries that legally acknowledged gay couples in marriages, the world is still spinning and society is still functioning.

Marriage is a legal contract between two consenting adults. It is not a religious institution because Atheists can wed and their union is legally recognized by the government. Anyone two individuals can marry at a church but without the signing that license, they are not seen as a married couple in the eyes of the government. A marriage is not legal or official until both individuals have their signatures on that license, the location of the ceremony has no legal significance, unless it's at a city or town hall.

The Bible says that it's an "abomination". It states that homosexual acts are an abomination not homosexuality. This is the same book that believes that marriage is only valid if the wife is a virgin. Wow, I can only imagine how many Catholic marriages are "invalid", let's face it, VERY few women are virgins when walking down that aisle. I suppose President Bush should revoke their marriage licenses, since his beloved book believes their marriages are not valid. Of course he won't do this, because as long as both individuals are a man and a woman, then, in his eyes this is a "Blessed Union." Just because a man and a woman marry doesn't mean that their marriage is a true union. Some people marry to get their citizenship others do so to lead a very luxurious and decadent lifestyle (Anna Nicole Smith and the many ex-wives of Donald Trump).

Also, marriage is not an institution to produce and raise children. There are many single parents out there who choose to become a parent without becoming someone's wife or husband. There's no law requiring individuals to get married in order to have children. Sperm and Egg banks and adoption agencies are around for a reason. Marriage does not neccesarily equal parenthood.

Let's face it, marriage has been going downhill for a couple of years now. Look at the divorce rate! Thanks to reality television, the city of Las Vegas, and celebrities (thank you Liz Taylor 7 marriages, Larry King 6, Billy Bob Thornton 5 , J.Lo 3 and Britney Spears, 2 marriages in one year!) prove that there is VERY little sanctity left in marriage. These celebrities are the reason why I believe marriage is no longer a "Blessed Union" but just a union. When Britney got married for the second time, Bill Maher said, "The only thing blessed about this union, is that STDs are not air borne," and I completely agree with him. Some couples who are getting married are omitting the "Til death do us part" line and replacing it with sayings like "As long as we love one another" because they know that marriage is not always forever.

So, with the current state of heterosexual marriage being ...well, almost in ruins how can legalizing gay marriage cause anymore damage? It can't! Just like how love has no color it has no gender either. Marriage is a union between ANY two adults who are in love and want to solidify their relationship. It's about equality and making civil unions legal is in no way equal.