Into My Mind

Tuesday, June 03, 2008


The powerful message of hope and change has transcended the burdens and prejudices of this country's past and instead, has made history tonight. And the man who is at the forefront of this message and movement has rightfully earned the Democratic nomination. I am incredibly proud of him, his campaign and everyone in this country who has voted for him. My generation and those before it saw Barack for who he is, an excellent public servant and an inspiring man who will transform this country for the better by working with the American people.

His life story, his dreams for this country and his message of hope, change and unity resonated with Americans of all political orientations, economic backgrounds, genders, races, ages and creeds. Parents can tell their children that nothing, not their race, religion, age, gender and class can stop them from accomplishing their dreams and they have Barack as a living example. If and when I have a family, I will able to tell them what it was like to see this glorious and momentous event happen before my eyes. I know that I will be crying tears of pure joy and pride as tell this to them because I was doing so while watching his beautiful speech.

I cannot write this blog without mentioning what Black Americans must be feeling. I have an idea but I can never truly know what it is like to see a black man make history in a country that once enslaved his ancestors and legally viewed them to only be three-fifths of a human being. Although we still have a long way to go, we are making remarkable strides forward in repairing and improving race relations.

Tonight was a one major step forward not only for Black Americans but for All Americans. Thank you Barack Obama, for inspiring us, for reminding us of better angels, for getting us involved in our government and for showing us the way to a better and greater future for our country.