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Friday, August 19, 2005

.....The Curse of Bennifer 2!!!!!!!.................

Hello mah babies, I've been gone awhile due to babysitting my little niece. However, I decided to update my beloved blog because hell has officially frozen, the pigs at my local farm have began to grow wings, Pam did NOT marry Tommy Lee for a third time and Jennifer Lopez is still married to Marc Anthony. The Curse of the Affleck has given birth to The Curse of Bennifer 2! Unlike the Curse of the Affleck, this HEX is widespread because its victims are the cast, crew and fans of Alias, and Michael Vartan.

My beautiful Michael is "leaving" Alias. honestly, I don't blame him, actually we all know who I'm going to blame lol Yes, there is a 5% chance that this false but my heart (and certain sources) have told me that Michael will be gone early in the season. With what I've been hearing about this season (spoilers) myself and MANY, MANY others like me will follow in Michael's lead. Of course, the fact that the last two season have been (at least to me)lackluster and dare I say subpar to the show's first two seasons was a factor in my decision as well.

Now before all you JG fans get your panties in a bunch, chill out and keep reading, well unless you hate seeing the truth or "negative words" written about your queen, I suggest that you leave. Let's be real, it doesn't seem like JG is putting up a fight to keep the series going and to keep Vartan on the show along with ABC. Come on people, they moved the show to Thursday that's like ABC buying its plot and tombstone. Now with Vartan gone, a HUGE part of the show's appeal and audience will follow suit.

Yes, she's pregnant, well big motherfucking deal! Gillian Anderson got pregnant during season one of x-files and that series went on for 9 years so don't give me any crap about how it isn't possible because it is you delusional fools! Like I've said before JG's so-called film career isn't sturdy or established enough for her to fall back on. She is a selfish bitch because her decision not only affects her life but also the lives of the people who work on the show as well. Heaven forbid the focus of the show (at least for the first half of the season) isn't on her! Then again, she is married (excuse me while I vomit on every Ben Affleck movie ever created) to an ego maniac so I'm not THAT surprsied. She doesn't give a fuck about the cast, crew and the fans of the show because if she did she would be willing to compromise and she would be grateful to each and everyone one of them but she isn't. I guess being implanted with Affleck's seed really does fuck a woman up.

Like her husband *GAGS* and his ex she has now begun playing the blame game(in Style magazine) by pointing fingers at the press for her problems. Yes, that's right it's not her fault that her so-called "friends" aka "sources close to her" or PR people couldn't keep her pregnancy a secret. Yes, the media is to blame because she was too ashamed to tell her mother, family and friends that her first child was unplanned and that her and Ben had no intention of getting married before then. That's right, the tabloids forced her into hooking up with their poster boy therefore creating a relationship that gave them and her PR whore Nicole King endless wet dreams. Then, they made her get impregnanted by the son of a bitch to sell more magazines! Mmm..just like how McDonald's forced people into buying and eating their burgers 5 to 6 times a week and then made them to have multiple heart attacks. Yes, the media are crafty motherfuckers and Ms. Garner is an innocent little victim. BITCH SHUT THE FUCK UP, BE A REAL WOMAN AND TAKE SOME RESPONSIBILITY FOR IDIOTIC AND SELFISH ACTIONS!!

We cannot forget about Michael, dear sweet Michael. Throughout all of this he is still very supportive of her and unlike her baby daddy, has shown concern for her health along w/ her daughter's. He has said what a good father, friend, co-worker and relative would tell any pregnant woman; Slow the fuck down, you're PREGNANT! Think about the little being inside of you for once and stop trying to be superwoman by juggling all of these balls in the air. Jesus, she's already fucked up her life by being w/ Ben, the least she could do is give her unborn daughter a better one by considering her health in her every decision.. too late she let HIM smoke around her during her entire pregnancy. Poor baby girl, at least Michael is looking out for her unlike her jackass parents.

I will miss Vartan/Vaughn dearly and I wish him the best in his career. In fact, I have faith in him because of how well Monster in Law did. His departure is the final nail in the coffin for the show and I refuse to watch it descend into the Earth. So, I and many others like me will follow Vartan and leave the wreckage that is Alias.

It's sad because my love for this show was like a marriage and it hurts to see it unravel because of ABC's greed and Jennifer Garner's selfishness. I always had faith in the show, network, crew, cast and especially in Jennifer since she always spoke about how she would stay on for her full contract. However, the minute she hooked up with Affleck I knew that my relationship was in trouble. Seriously, the man has the anti-midas touch, everything he touches turns to crap! Hello, J.Lo's career got back on track because she starred in Monster in Law with who?? VARTAN! It killed at the box office and audiences LOVED the movie! Now, the little fucker has a partner in crime and their curse is a million times worse!!! BEWARE OF THE CURSE OF BENNIFER 2 !!!!! AND JUST SAY NO TO A DAREDEVIL SEQUEL !


  • Wow, thank you, someone who shares exactly how I feel! A least there's some hope that Bennifer part 2 won't last- it is Hollywood after all

    By Blogger electric, at 1:11 PM  

  • Thanks a lot hun! I fear for the world because this curse has 2 people! Poor baby!

    By Blogger Amayaky, at 8:42 PM  

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