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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

.............Driven Apart..................

First, I have to make this perfectly clear I am an Angelina Jolie fan. So yes, this entry will be a bit biased. Secondly, I loved Friends and have nothing against Jennifer Aniston. I like her and I think that her personality makes her appealing but when it comes to looks she is a little above average much like Gwenyth Paltrow. Lastly, I can "woman up" as Gabe Kapler would say and accept the truth. Hey, I used to love Jennifer Garner and Britney Spears, so I know when to drop someone when he/she turns into a jackass.

Was I surprised that Jennifer and Brad brokeup? A little, but not as much as the rest of the world. These two had very different views on marriage and commitment to begin with. She viewed it as a solid commitment that needed work while he believed it could work if both parties were willing. He did say that monogamy seemed a bit unrealistic. Let's not forget that Jennifer question if he was the love of her life. Those are tell-tale signs RIGHT THERE!

Then there was their priorities in life. Brad has been a successful actor for over a decade now. He's in his forties (and looking damn fine!) and has publicly said that he wants kids. While Jennifer has been primarily known as a television star and is just now getting her movie career on track. Although she said that she wanted to have a family she did stress that she wanted to focus on her career first. These two were married but were clearly on two diverging paths.
On Oprah she said that she'd focus on baby making with Brad after Friends wrapped but she signed up to do four movies back-to-back. So obviously, she had her career on her mind over having a family and for whatever reason she didn't want to juggle both. There's nothing wrong with that. She shouldn't have to compromise her career but Brad shouldn't have to do the same with his dream of being a father. Hehad to do that for four years and he isn't getting any younger.

So, why stay in a marriage where both parties are in different stages in their lives and neither are willing to compromise? Honestly, answer that question if you can. These issues were present in their relationship WAYYY before Angelina entered the picture. So, put your tiki torch away because their marriage unraveling was their fault, not hers.

There is one fact about her that no one can deny, she never hid behind a publicist; she always spoke for herself. Whatever was on her mind, no matter how weird, outrageous, or candid, she said it with her OWN mouth! She was an open book which the press is supposed to love and embrace, but everything is never enough for them. In the end, they burned her by making her out to be a homewrecker simply because of how she looks and the doctored pics of her and Brad "cheating".

Do I believe that she is an honorable woman? Yes and I believe her and Brad when they say that nothing happened on set during Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Besides, some of those photos were clearly fixed because in one shot her hand is going through him! Either that or she is one hot ghost! Anyway, Angelina has always been a free spirit but never a liar. Since her and her father are estranged, I know that she would do everything in her power to be the antithesis of him. He did jeopardize her future with Maddox by going on various entertainment shows saying that she wasn't mentally stable. Most importantly, he cheated on her mother and witnessed how it affected her mother. "The Other Woman" is not a role Ms. Jolie would gladly accept, actually any caring woman would reject that role in a heartbeat!

It makes me sad to see her putting a legal restriction on the press/media when it comes to her personal life. But I understand why she did it because no matter what she said, it just wasn't good enough, so why bother?? The same goes for Brad too. Angelina has clearly grown into a very talented actress, doting mother and caring humanitarian. No matter what she does, the press/media and the general public will always demonize her. It's undeserved, unfair and just plain wrong.

Now that her and Brad are together, I wish them the best. He has found what he's always wanted; a family. To top it off, he's with a beautiful, unique, loving, sexy and selfless woman who is willing to share her life and family with him. In return, Angelina's kids have a father and she is finally with a man who is conventional, stable but accepts her for who she is. I truly hope that these two are the exception to "hollywood couples" rule and prove that both parties can be A-list, equals on and off screen and are able to make their relationship work and last.

Here are some adorable pics..

Papa Pitt and Zahara

Papa Pitt, Maddox, and Zahara..looks like they're letting mommy work lol

Mama Jolie and Papa they must have the hottest sex ever LOL


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