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Sunday, August 28, 2005

...........Only the Beautiful Matter.....

As if beautiful people aren't blessed enough with gorgeous God given looks, they also receive a lot of attention and most of the time it's not needed. Every time you go to the grocery store what magazines are right by the checkout counter? Tabloids! Yes, Us Weekly and even People count as tabloids folks. People is only a tier above the other gossip rags because they actually do features on non-famous folks too. Let's not ignore the paparazzi pictures inside their glossy pages and the fact that one of their photographers was recently arrested be cause he trespassed on Brad Pitt's property trying to get a "money shot" of him and Angelina. Would a "respectable" publication encourage one of their photographers to (more like paparazzi) behave in such a matter? I think not!

Now I know what's going through your mind: "Amaya, look at your past entries, you're just as obsessed as the tabloids." Hey, I've never claimed innocence and I've knowledge my insanity MANY times. Besides, I no way consider Ben to be "beautiful" but for some reason a lot of mindless women find the cigarette scented, unshaven, alcoholic, annoying, ugly, long faced fucker attractive. So, I guess by mainstream standards he is beautiful...excuse me while I vomit on all the bennifer 2 supporters on and around the world. The tabloids successfully make us non-famous folk feel as if we're close to these beautiful people by prying into their lives. Almost as if we should care whether or not Sienna gets back with Jude more than the Valerie Plame Scandal. It's working because Karl Rove is one ugly motherfucker who is protected by an even uglier team of powerful men and women.

However, I can't blame the tabloids, or even its devoted readers (myself and my sister being one of them). The mainstream media/press is responsible for America's skewed priorities. Even they, would rather focus their time, energy, and cameras on beautiful people as well and I'm not talking about celebrities.

Now children, it's time to put on your thinking caps because it time for a pop quiz! Get it? Got it? Good! Let's begin!

1. When was the last time you can recall a national news network (like CNN, MSNBC, the heavily tilted Fox News,NBC, ABC, and CBS)having around the clock coverage on a missing person that was a man?

2. Can you remember any of the networks that I have listed above doing a feature on a missing woman that wasn't white/Caucasian? And your local news doesn't count.

Now, if you answered no for both questions then you rank with many others including me. So, you get a gold star! Here's a bonus question:

What do JonBenet Ramsey, Elizabeth Smart, Chandra Levy, Lacey Peterson, and, Scout Taylor Compton, Natalee Halloway have in common?

They are all beautiful, white and are the picturesque image of the all-American girl. Oh and their stories captivated America and our news networks for weeks and in some cases even months. So wait, only beautiful white women have horrible things happen to them? According to the mainstream media/press, yes they do. No, I'm insinuating that the media is racist, it's known fact that they are. Everyday, women, men and children of all races are kidnapped, murdered, raped, or become missing yet the media chooses to only focus on the desirable ones. In this case, desirable is female, white and beautiful. That desirable image is a false representation of this country's citizens and blatant display its racism.

Don't believe me? Watch a national news network like CNN or MSNBC. If you don't have cable watch NBC's NATIONAL news broadcast. Now, view these programs for a week. Honestly, try to find a story that focuses on a missing or brutalized minority man or woman. Were you successful? Because I've done this for years and I haven't even come close to succeeding.

This last question is for the mainstream media/press:

How can you sleep at night knowing that the blood of innocent people are on your hands?? How can you live with yourself knowing that your biased, your ignorance, you're selfishness destroys lives? The people in charge of this country are inhumane, greedy and without a conscience; what's your excuse?


  • Amen to that Amaya! You know I agree with you 110%!!!

    By Blogger Jamie, at 4:59 PM  

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