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Monday, August 29, 2005

..Some Women are "Missing a Sensitivity chip" too....

Women are no better than men. Yes, I just spoke the truth so there is no need to adjust your monitor or refreshing the page. Despite Oprah, the Lifetime channel, Oxygen network, and the plethora of women magazines cluttering the periodical sections in libraries, and shelves on news stands, and grocery stores, women are capable of being just as "insensitive", "heartless","cruel" and "selfish" as men. The difference is, women are wise enough to cover their tracks and can easily manipulate outsiders into thinking that there are the victim, the broken hearted one that needs their sympathy and that their callousness is somehow justifiable.

It's funny how Brad Pitt is being crucified for moving on and getting the life that he wanted with another woman so soon after divorcing his wife. Yet, Jennifer Lopez who shamelessly paraded around town with Affleck while still being married to Cris Judd didn't receive the same kind of criticism. Yes, by non-famous individuals she was called a "whore" by the tabloids didn't tear her to shreds like they are with Brad.

Let's not forget about the other Jennifer who didn't wait too long to ran into the arms of her beloved co-star after divorcing from her less famous husband. Without giving her relationship with Michael a second (and not waiting at least two months) she jumps into the very hairy arms of another co-star. It's not desperation, love didn't conquer all, and loneliness is total cop-out and is a very, VERY weak defense. Let's call it what it is, these women aren't missing a sensitivity chip; they choose to corruptit in order to satisfy their own needs.

We are not godly creatures that are incapable of craving lust, giving into temptation or being completely and utterly insatiable. Like men, we have our weaknesses and our faults. Infidelity is not a sin that is solely committed by men and it's about time that the term men and words like "infidelity", "affair" and "cheating" are no longer used synonymously. It is unfair and unjust that society condemns men for recovering quickly from a breakup but then thoughtlessly supports women when they do the same. Women (like men) have souls, hearts and brains too and like their male counterparts, they know perfectly well what they are doing. Their careless and unbelievably selfish actions are IN NO WAY EXCUSABLE.

So ladies, if you want to change the game around so that both sexes are on an even playing field stop with the hypocrisy, be a real woman and take some responsibility for your actions. Because God knows that we are the LAST people that should be throwing stones at men.

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