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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

............Never Before....

This is long overdue...but screw it. Blue has never looked so beautiful on a map before. Obviously, I'm referring to the midterm elections. Snaps to Howard Dean, Chuck Schumer and John Murtha for making this happen! And I now have restored faith in our country and democracy. IRAQ is the issue that determined this election because all the democrats that won were against it and much like most of the country, they wanted a change for the better.

Now don't get me wrong, I know that W is still in charge and that impeachment...for now, is not an option. I don't want DICK to be in office, all right? But I think the mere threat of impeachment could really help dear W actually listen and compromise w/ Madame Speaker Pelosi (sweeter words have never been typed). I also don't expect an instant magic wand effect but I am hopeful. Maybe...just maybe the 31% that still supports W will also learn a hard lesson as well.

As far coverage goes, I watched Keith Olbermann and Christ Matthews on MSNBC. I love KO and I tolerate Chris lol Although compared to the other guys on there like Carlson and Scarborough he is well.... fair and for the most part, intelligent, it's just his voice. And the fact that he playfully roughed up my dear Colbert a bit has stayed with me. I actually fell asleep with Keith being the last person that I saw on my screen. So, I can proudly say that I went to bed with KO but since I love him, I am denying that I fell into my deep slumber before he finished. :)

All right Dems, y'all better get it right and get it done!

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