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Thursday, November 23, 2006


I know that "thankful" is more fitting but I figure a lot of bloggers would have already used it at their title. Here are a couple of things I am grateful some are silly while others are serious. Yes, obviously I'm thankful for my friends and family, so there. lol

My Creative Zen Vision: M media player because even though it's chunkier than the video Ipod, I still love it. Besides, I do not mind my electronics having curves...there's nothing with a little badonkadonk . Plus, it's a beautiful shade of blue.

The Jolie-Pitts because they are what we should all aspire to be and no, I'm talking about their move star status. They are unbelievably blessed with great looks, fame, fortune, beautiful kids and each other. Most folks in their position wouldn't give issues like poverty, war, AIDS, the environment and gay marriage a second thought, but these two do. They do more than care, they are proactive in their work.

We should all try to make an effort to help this world. It doesn't matter what religion you practice because after all is said and done, what matters did you help make the world a better place than when you originally came into it.

The sane American people deserve a nod. Y'all saw the light and instead of watching turn into fire, you actually got up and fought against it this past election. Thank you.....if I were a rich woman, I'd send you all free bags of swag but since I'm not...well, you'll just have to accept this blog entry instead. Sorry lovelies. Maybe Oprah can hook you all up?

Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert, I know that you two will never read this blog but screw it, I love you both! You make the news and this country less depressing. And more importantly, you are not deceiving the public by pretending to be a "real" newsmen unlike some folks on cable..... Whether you two handsome bastards believe it or not, you're both powerful and influential figures in the media, politics and the country. Thank you both for being our country's satirists and saviors.

Keith Olbermann, now how can I NOT love a man who has the balls to tear into folks like Coulter, Savage, Limbaugh, O'Reilly and all those other batshit neo-cons? Oh Keith, you are the perfect balance that our media and our country needs. Now, as much as I love Jon and Stephen, REAL news anchors/journalists are in great demand these days and you sir, are one of the very few out there.

Even though you're uncomfortable with this comparison, you are my generation's Edward R. Murrow. Your uneasiness whenever Murrow's name is used in your presence is quite endearing because despite what the haters say, you are a humble man...who happens to have a healthy ego. But I know that many Americans believe that you are truly deserving of this comparison.

You are a phenomenal writer, an excellent journalist and a true patriot. Thank you, Keith for being the voice of every frustrated American in this country.

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