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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

.......Not Fighting to Get in that Line.......

The biggest criticism against my media menz like Jon, Stephen, Bill and Keith is that they don't have many conservatives on their shows. Well, these "genius" critics don't realize that Republicans are throwing themselves at their shows because they, despite all their talk are afraid. And the only time they'd agree to go on is if the host and producers signed this big contract where they can be asked softball questions like when Santorum was on TDS. Jon was pretty easy on him when we all know that bigoted motherfucker needed to get nailed. Although I doubt that he'll ever go on again after having his ass handed to him in the elections.

Concerning Real Time w/ Bill Maher...please lol The audience eats conservative guests alive. It's not his fault. He's tried to get conservatives in his audience and on the show but they're not very willing to appear. The few conservative guests that return are his friends and frankly, he has more "blue" friends than he does "red". Also, Bill, for the most part, he doesn't pull any punches. It's HBO, not Fox News. Although I do pity the anchors on that "News Network" their knees must be bruised with all the servicing they do for this administration.

In Keith Olbermann's case, I like how he doesn't have a liberal and conservative on his show fighting each other. It's inevitable, a Democratic strategist and Republican one are like Siamese fighting fish and that't snot what Countdown is about. His is the only show on MSNBC and cable is one of the few that don't resort to those tactics. Countdown is NOT about fighting or "debating", it's a mix of real news and fluff with his take on it.

Yes, there's analysis but there isn't a need for a conservative's take because he or she will side w/ the administration then try to reprimand Keith by saying that he wants the US to lose the war on terrorism or any of their usual talking points. The guests that he usually has on are from Newsweek which is a respectable publication, he doesn't have a "Coulter" or "Malkin" because he wants people who are actually educated on the topic. Whenever something happens w/ our government he always has someone there to discuss the politics or if it involves the war, the military impact.

Keith is not into softball questions which like Bill, is the reason why Republicans aren't fighting to get in line to appear on the show. No one wants to go into an environment where the control is not in their hands. It's not Faux News, thank God.



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