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Sunday, July 03, 2005

.........Live 8=history...............

Yesterday, I witnessed and took part in history. I wasn't born when the Live Aid Concerts occured in 1985 so I feel blessed to be a part of the Live 8 concerts that took place today. This time, I'm not the skunk at the garden party because I truly believe that Bob Geldof, all the muscial artists that performed and many the organizations involved did make a difference. Instead of letting the world be oblivious of the crisis in Africa and merely hoping that he G8 summit would handle the situation appropriately, people became informed and AWARE. That was the goal of these concerts being held and I tip my hat off to everyone involved.

Whether people choose to believe it or not a lot of people around the world do not keep up with world events. There are many reason why, they either find the news to be boring or depressing, they're too " busy" to read about current events, or they'd rather read a tabloid than read a newspaper or a blog online. Some of these people would rather listen to celebrities talking about Africa which is a bit sad. But if it takes Jay-Z to get people to be informed and to care then so be it. It's better than the majority being left in the dark about the situation. Now that most of the world is informed it's up to them and the G8.

This is to not mention the protestors at Edinburgh. The ball is in the G8's court and if they choose not to start making poverty history then they are going to look like real assholes because what idiot would refuse to be a part of history and making the world as a whole, a better place??? However, if it does work, the people who rolled their eyes at Live 8 and did absolutely NOTHING to help except bitch and whine and disrespect the people who participated (like myself) are going to be the real assholes. As long as they stand separated from those who have joined together, and wasted their time merely criticizing, they were a part of the problem and only made it worse by doing nothing. Spreading negativity and doubt concerning Live 8 is harmful and a great waste of time. Every three seconds a child dies from poverty and/or preventable diseases and instead of spending those seconds joining the millions that are involved, they sat on their asses and rolled their eyes. Supporting live 8 is the first step to change the continent as a whole but these individuals would rather do nothing. Bravo, jackasses.

Until the 9th, I'll be like the rest of the world holding my breathe hoping that the most poweful leaders in the world take the right step and start making poverty history.


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