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Friday, July 22, 2005

.............Beneath the Surface............

We live in a world of imitations with very few originals. Think about it, everything that is original can be easily duplicated or masked. Look at faux designer clothing, hair dyes, colored eye contacts, and breast implants; society gladly accepts these knock-offs. Of course many of the things listed are inanimate objects and frankly, no one really cares how genuine these products are. What really matters is the appearance of authenticity.

Looks can be deceiving but so can reputations. Unfortunately, people chose to believe the lie because it's just so damn appealing and sometimes its beauty can be disarming. Heaven forbid, a "good" person is only projecting that wholesome image instead of actually living it. It amazes me how some people fully embrace a facade, a phony into their lives, especially when the phony's true colors are obvious. I am definitely not that type of person.

It takes me awhile to decide whether or not I want a person in my life. Unlike some mindless fools I have patience and do not automatically assume that every person that crosses my path is a "nice" guy or girl. Common sense tells me that it takes time, curiousity and tact to judge a person's character. We've
all been betrayed, burned and basically fucked over by someone that we thought was a "good" or "nice" person. Perhaps rash or hasty judgment isn't a horrible trait to have.

What I don't understand is how charming phonies can continue to deceive such intelligent and sane individuals. There are certain people that I have named in this blog who I believe are charming phonies. Yet, they are very popular and beloved by a lot people KNOWING that these phonies have been unmasked and they refuse to believe it. To believe the truth that no one, especially humans are saints. It's as if these phonies are given a pass from these misinformed drones. They are so enamored by the exterior that it frightens them to lift the curtain and see what's really underneath. I chose not to live this way, I am not afraid to see what's beneath the surface and neither should anyone else.


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