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Thursday, July 21, 2005

......Hate Personified.........

There are moments when I truly believe that there is no hope, love, and humanity in this world. People like Fred Phelps, James Dobson, Michael Savage, Ann Coulter and Jerry Falwell confirm my doubts because they enjoy spreading a message of ignorance, intolerance, discrimination and hate through their words. Honestly, they are no better than terrorists because they are enthusiastically and unashamedly passing on their ignorant and warped ideals to the young minds of America ensuring that their message of hate will live on after they are gone from this Earth.

Unfortunately, the hate, ignorance and misinformation does reach the masses. A couple of days ago 21 year old Ronnie Paris was sentenced to life in prison for murdering his THREE YEAR OLD SON Ronnie Jr. The reason behind his heinous crime was his homophobia because he suspected that little Ronnie was gay and did not want his son to grow up to be a "sissy". So, he would slap his son's head until he cried or wet himself.

For two years of Ronnie's young life he lived in foster care and was well taken care of. This past December he was brought back to his parents and one month later he went into a coma and died a week later. The cause of his death was a serve blow to that head.
Ronnie's mother knew of her husband's abuse but did nothing because she selfishly wanted to keep little Ronnie in her custody. The neighbors also knew but never reported the Paris family and now, the blood of a THREE YEAR OLD is on their hands along with his parents. Mrs. Paris was sentenced 15 years while Ronnie Sr. will serve life in prison although I doubt that he will live since inmates kill those who harm children. An innocent child died because of neglect, hate, fear and ignorance. As much as people try to spread tolerance and acceptance there are still people like Fred Phelps, Jerry Falwell and Michael Savage who live to promote this kind of savagery and hate.

It did not surprise me that this occurred in Jeb's Bush's Florida aka the New Texas. This is the same state that forbids gays from adopting, yet allows individuals to carry a gun and open fire whenever they please or feel "threatened" without fear of persecution. Heaven forbid a child end up in a loving home with gay parents opposed to the abusive heterosexual one they were removed from.

Christians wonder why atheists and agnostics cannot have the same blind faith that they have when it comes to "God." Horrendous crimes like this, where an innocent life is lost is one of the reasons why. Their God would allegedly by overjoyed knowing that a possible homosexual or "sinner" was murdered. Well, if that is true, then myself and others like me will not support and believe in such a cruel and inhumane idol.


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