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Monday, July 25, 2005

......I heart Mikey!........

Hopefully, tomorrow I will receive a very fabulous goonie's package thanks to my beloved Mikey! I was unable to attend the Goonies Meet/reunion in Astoria, OR this past June because I am totally broke. My dear Mikey attended the event and brought me back some wonderful mementoes! He was so kind to think of me and I love him for going out of his way to do so! I love you hun! And I so owe you big! LOL If there is anything that I can do, just say the word!

For those of you who don't frequently visit this blog or don't take a gander at the links section on here, I am a die hard goonies fan. I happened to stumble upon the website and message board while checking out the fantabulous 80's movies website fast-rewind. Since then, I've met so many wonderful people on there and one of them is of course Mikey.

When Amaya Met Mikey

I met Mikey when he replied to a serious discussion thread that I had started on the message board. He was very honest, intelligent and articulate in his reply and he was very courageous too because he revealed that he was gay knowing that there were people in that thread who ...strongly opposed to his lifestyle and same sex marriage in general. Then, he said that he had a crush on me because I had stood atop my soapbox and defended gays and their right to marry. After that, the thread fell off the first page but our friendship has stood strong.

Michael is the most generous, kind, caring, and gracious person that I have ever met. The man is also hilarious and he's got a great heart too! And I am truly blessed and honored to be his friend. He is everything a girl would want in a man and to top it off he's gay! I am in love people! But not the romantic kind lol

I'm still amazed that he got me a goody goonie bag LOL I mean, I've never known anyone as nice and thoughful as him. Honestly, have any of you heard of person being so kind??? Even the men that I personally have known in my life cannot compare to my dear Mikey!

I love you Mikey and I look forward to meeting you one day! OOOhh and if you want I'll so be your surrogate mama! LOL I'm a loser!

Much Love,


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