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Saturday, February 05, 2005

......Blessed Union.....Or is it?

Gay marriage has to be one of the most controversial issues today, especially in the US. So much has been said and written about it. What I don't understand, is why there is so much controversy surrounding it? For some reason, I cannot understand how it affects individuals who do not plan to participate in a gay marriage. I don't see how the US's "social fabric" would be harmed by it. I live in Massachusetts and needless to say, the state did not fall off the face of the Earth when gay marriage became legal. Chaos did not occur, Satan didn't split the ground open and swallow us "heathens". People weren't running the streets like lunatics because we all know that only happens when the Red Sox beat the Yankees during the playoffs. Everything was and still is, perfectly fine. Much like the other countries that legally acknowledged gay couples in marriages, the world is still spinning and society is still functioning.

Marriage is a legal contract between two consenting adults. It is not a religious institution because Atheists can wed and their union is legally recognized by the government. Anyone two individuals can marry at a church but without the signing that license, they are not seen as a married couple in the eyes of the government. A marriage is not legal or official until both individuals have their signatures on that license, the location of the ceremony has no legal significance, unless it's at a city or town hall.

The Bible says that it's an "abomination". It states that homosexual acts are an abomination not homosexuality. This is the same book that believes that marriage is only valid if the wife is a virgin. Wow, I can only imagine how many Catholic marriages are "invalid", let's face it, VERY few women are virgins when walking down that aisle. I suppose President Bush should revoke their marriage licenses, since his beloved book believes their marriages are not valid. Of course he won't do this, because as long as both individuals are a man and a woman, then, in his eyes this is a "Blessed Union." Just because a man and a woman marry doesn't mean that their marriage is a true union. Some people marry to get their citizenship others do so to lead a very luxurious and decadent lifestyle (Anna Nicole Smith and the many ex-wives of Donald Trump).

Also, marriage is not an institution to produce and raise children. There are many single parents out there who choose to become a parent without becoming someone's wife or husband. There's no law requiring individuals to get married in order to have children. Sperm and Egg banks and adoption agencies are around for a reason. Marriage does not neccesarily equal parenthood.

Let's face it, marriage has been going downhill for a couple of years now. Look at the divorce rate! Thanks to reality television, the city of Las Vegas, and celebrities (thank you Liz Taylor 7 marriages, Larry King 6, Billy Bob Thornton 5 , J.Lo 3 and Britney Spears, 2 marriages in one year!) prove that there is VERY little sanctity left in marriage. These celebrities are the reason why I believe marriage is no longer a "Blessed Union" but just a union. When Britney got married for the second time, Bill Maher said, "The only thing blessed about this union, is that STDs are not air borne," and I completely agree with him. Some couples who are getting married are omitting the "Til death do us part" line and replacing it with sayings like "As long as we love one another" because they know that marriage is not always forever.

So, with the current state of heterosexual marriage being ...well, almost in ruins how can legalizing gay marriage cause anymore damage? It can't! Just like how love has no color it has no gender either. Marriage is a union between ANY two adults who are in love and want to solidify their relationship. It's about equality and making civil unions legal is in no way equal.


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