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Sunday, June 19, 2005

...Saints, sinners, stripping and everything else.....

Humans are not saints and yes, I'm including celebrities in that group. We're all sinners and denying that is like denying our own moratlity. Even experiencing feelings like envy or lust is committing a sin. If you're reading this telling yourself that you've never committed a sin then you're in denial and you're extremely repressed. Instead of choosing to be in denial when we "sin" we should just accept what we've done, learn from it and move on. It's pointless and quite honestly, it will backfire.

Jennifer Garner fans, I know this is going to be a hard truth for you to swallow, but Ms. Garner is not a saint. She is human, she has flaws and just like everyone in this world, she sins. The difference between you and myself is, I'm willing to see her mistakes and call her out on them. While you on the other hand, blindly support her becuase she is charming, nice, talented and pretty, but if she didn't have any of the qualities that I have listed you would judge her like I have and you would do it unashamedly.

No small town girl from the South is the same after living in Hollywood for a couple of years, including Ms. Garner. Her relationship with Ben is a tabloid's and publicist's wet dream. For the past couple of months she has remained in the tabloids, and legitimate magazines for doing next to do nothing. What has she done? Oh, that's right, she is not denying or confirming her pregnancy because let's face it, there is no such thing as bad publicity. Unless her next movie is box-office hit then she will forever be the tabloid's poster girl just like how her alleged fiancee is the poster boy. Can anyone name a
recent project that he has been invovled with that hasn't been a total failure? Anyone?? That's what I thought.

Ms. Garner and her fans do have one thing in common, they're in denial. She believes that marriage will make Ben an honest man and her child will not be illegitimate even though it is. Then there's this notion that once the baby is born and they are officially married he will quit smoking, stop gambling and become a better man. Her need for attention and naviete prevented her to realize that she already had a better man and his name is Michael Vartan. Her fans are not willing to accept that Jennifer has become infected by Hollywood and is no longer the sweet fresh faced, selfless and personable individual she once was. She is a coward by not confirming or denying the rumors surrounding her, selfish (she didn't tell ABC that she was pregnant therefore putting the executives at ABC in a major bind), and she is now paparazzi's dream because instead of being cordial with them like she was with Michael she is angry and tries to hide from them by running to Ben's Bentley. Yes, she is some kind of saint isn't she?

How can I talk about saints without mentioning sinners? My favorite kind of sinners are the repressed hypocrites also known as conservatives. Well, not all of them but most. After attending a Republican fund-raiser, Ms. Mary Carey did various television interviews on MSNBC and CNN. Ms. Carey was kept away from any major figures within the party but was propositioned by a few who wanted to her to be a guest star in their threesomes. Obviously these individuals were fans of hers yet they've publicly denounced pornography. This means that conservatives are not as open with themselves as Michelle Malkin on allalias believes. Anyway, I believe Ms. Carey because she is a pornstar, not a known liar and it's quite obvious from her interview with John Avarosis (from americablog) that honestly is her policy and she doesn't have an "edit" button in her mind.

Let's not forget about
Jim West and Mr. McGreevey the man that had an extramarital affair with A MAN. Yet, he is stil with his wife. It seems as if denial and being a beard suits Mrs. McGreevey very well. Now don't misunderstand me, I don't believe that all Republicans are repressed and anti-gay but if it can get them votes then they will temporarily put on that hate hat and wave the anti-gay signs.

Let's see, I've crossed out saints, sinners and now it's time for stripping kids! "WOOT! WOOT!" As Meg would say. I read that Ben likes to takeout his penis when not needed which I would imagine is
never! On the set of the horrendous film Surviving Christmas he had taken out his penis and placed it on a briefcase while shooting a scene with Christina Applegate and she was grossed out. I would be too for Gawd sakes! I also find out that he played the same prank on Kevin Smith during Jersey Girl except he put his penis on his NECK!! What straight man puts his penis on his best friend's neck??? Correct me if I'm wrong but I'm pretty sure that this can qualify as sexual harassment. He is one sick mofo. Yes, Jennifer definitely chose a winner!

So Tom and Katie are betrothed. Is anyone really surprised? I'm not and if they're for real or in my street speak fo' realz then I wish them the best. Right now they're still in the honeymoon phase and if they get married very soon they will both come crashing down to reality when they realize that the honeymoon is over. Their flaws will be revealed and Katie will realize that her teen crush is a mere mortal. The only possible way a marriage can last between is if Katie doesn't strive to be as famous and succesful as him because if she does this will be his third divorce and her first failed marriage.

There is not an A-list married couple that exists and this is a fact. One partner has to be willing to step back and let the other shine or both parties have to be in the lower rankings, B, C or D list to have a lasting marriage. This is love people, Hollywood style. It doesn't matter if the picture is genuine, all people care about is how great it looks and if it can pass as the real thing.


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