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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

....Clash of the Titans:Part Deux....

There have been great feuds throughout history. First there was, David v. Goliath, and Greeks v. Trojans then came along Fox News v. Real News Networks, Rosie v. Dump Truck, Britney v. Christina Lindsay v. Hilary, Scarlett, Paris, The Simpson sisters, her father, Fes from That 70's Show...we have a come a long way. Of course one timeless battle is woman v. woman and today is no exception.

For a brief time (about a day) there were murmurings of Dick Cheney possibly resigning from his VP position which I doubted. Then I saw the anti-war march in DC where actors like Tim Robbins and Jane Fonda spoke about impeaching Mr. Bush. So, Tim's suggestion got me thinking...If by some miracle Cheney and Bush are out of office well before January 2009 that means Nancy Pelosi would be president....The First WOMAN President in US history (and yes, I did have a feminist hard on just by thinking about this) But then another powerful woman came to mind, Hillary...

Now Hillary (or as I like to sometimes call her, H-Money) is in this race to win. I don't understand why she felt the need to say that other than to assert herself in this male dominated race. No one enters a presidential race to lose...except for Ralph Nader. Anyway, she's going for the triple crown: the presidency, the historic significance of being the first woman president and the First Lady to become president (Bill will of course be the First Gentleman not "First Man" as my dear KO said) I see the drive and ambition in her baby blues but she's not (at least not publicly) acknowledging a potential obstacle; Nancy Pelosi.

Mama Pelosi is logistically closer to the presidency than H-Money is. She only has two men in her way while H-Money has over a dozen. And I just know that H-Money would secretly resent Mama Pelosi if she were to become president because she got there FIRST. It is like Britney Spears v. Christina Aguilera all over again!

Let's face it, Christina has always resented Britney for being EVERYTHING! She got signed to a label first and released her album before her. Even though she has the stronger voice, Britney got more attention and credit for being "the first woman of pop" during the resurgence of genre in the late 90's. Britney was the face of Pepsi, so Christina went to Coca Cola. Britney had her own video game while Christina was a character in The Sims. Although Christina was the face and feet of Skechers in 2003 Britney already was years earlier. They've even shared men! Britney was with Justin but after the breakup, he toured with Christina. Then there's Fred Durst....Christina did a duet with him at the VMAs and three years later, Britney spent some um...."studio time" with him. Although to be fair, Durst is like that loser in high school who brags about scoring with every girl when in reality, he doesn't even get to first base. And last but not least, how can anyone can forget the press that Britney's Madonna kiss got over Christina's? Ms. X-tina was so pissed off that she accused Britney of lip synching and she called the performance "vanilla" during an interview with Allure magazine. These two are younger and apolitical version of Mama Pelosi and H-Money....

Whatever team you're cheering for, I think we can all agree on one one wants to see any of them resort to making with Barbara Boxer on the senate floor.

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