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Thursday, December 21, 2006

.........Two years later.....

This has been great time for BAMZS and their fans. After nearly two years Angie speaks and confirms what we already know. She loves Brad, she didn't breakup his marriage and she is blessed for everything that she has. And they made their first public appearance in New York for the premiere of The Good Shepard where minds everywhere exploded. The hilarious Brad Blanks was there on the red carpet no less and he briefly talked to De Niro, Brad and Angie. Here is the video, I encourage everyone to watch it and share it.

In honor of this lovely pair I have made another video. The song is timeless.

This holiday season, let's follow the Jolie-Pitts lead and try to do some good in this world. Be happy, be kind, be generous and most importantly, let's spread some love in 2007.

Much love everyone!

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