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Sunday, July 16, 2006

....Oh beep them....

Before I get into this entry I must make a little correction about my last one. When I was talking about Ms. Paltrow breasts, I was referring to them when they're not lactating. Because when she's lactating then our breasts are more evenly matched. I am sorry for any confusion that I might have caused.

When I say "beep them" I am referring to those who are critical of Americans who adopt overseas. Angelina has of course been the biggest target because of her children. It's hard to have patience with these people because well, they're incredibly ignorant. If they actually watched the news and did research they would know how devastated, poor and deprived these countries are, especially Africa.

An orphanage in America is like the Four Seasons compared to an orphanage in Africa. The death rate in third world countries like Cambodia, Ethiopia, Darfur etc. is WAY more higher than it is in the States. Every three seconds a child dies from AIDs and extreme poverty and a lot of them are orphans. These children live in countries where the basic necessities like food, clean water, shelter and proper medical care are scarce. They didn't choose to be born under these conditions but unfortuantely they are. The children in these orphanages are either living with diseases like AIDS, malaria or they run a high risk of contracting one unlike American orphans.

To say that AIDS/HIV is a problem in Africa...that would be an understatment. Around the world, over 38 million people are infected, 25 million of them are in Africa and 1.9 million are children. Every day over 1,000 newborns are infected during labor or by their mothers breast milk. The situation in that country is DIRE.

Yet, jackasses like Janice Dickinson can't see that instead she criticizes Angelina for not adopting from America. Then again, she's unable to have a coherent thought since she fried her brains with all the drugs she did during her modeling days. Let's not forget about all the botox in her head too.

This is why I can never feel bad for the celebrities who complain about being hounded by the paparazzi. They have LUXURY problems not fatal ones. Sorry Britney and the Jennifers of hollywood, I can't give you my pity because I'd rather concentrate my time on people who are actually suffering. While these celebrities are whinning about how they can't go grocergy shopping without being followed, I'm thinking about those who can't even find clean water to drink. These divabitches cover their faces when they're eating at a restaurant while millions of children go to bed starving. Or they hold up their designer purses over their faces as they run to their ridicuously expensive car. Yet there are children who must walk miles on gravel covered roads or jungles, completely barefoot. If they're female they run the risk of being kidnapped, beaten, murdered, raped or all of the above.

So, instead of joining in on Britney's pity party crew who most likely buy her childrens clothes line or whatever product she's pushing at the moment, I turn against her and focus on those who are in need of my compassion and generosity. But somehow....I'm the evil jealous bitch?


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