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Friday, April 16, 2004

..........Dry Spell.......

I'm still going through a dry spell of inspiration. This just worries me greatly because well...I need some inspiration. It's so vital and I've so many different ways to get some spark that will give me new idea for a story. I'm frustrated, I mean, god. As if this isn't bad enough, I'm feeling kind of disconnected this week too. Maybe it's because I'm so tired. Well I know what sparked it. Someone close to me said something that basically said that I don't matter to him or her. This isn't the first time he or she has said this. I got over that. Him or her just keeps on speaking as if I'm not even there. It's like, "Hello, I'm standing right in front of you!" I don't know, I'll have to deal with it I guess.

Tomorrow, I'm going to just sleep because this past week I've gotten very little rest. I've tried to sleep a half hour eariler and I still wokeup feeling a zombie. Last night, I've had to stay up late and record and watch "The Apprentice" I loved how they ended it! I was actually suprised and thought they were going to pause when Trump said "You're hired" to either Kwame or Bill, then cut to live a audience for the reveal of the winner. I was so wrong! I loved how they pulled away the set to reveal the audience and I couldn't help but smile when Bill lifted his hands in the air. And best of all, Troy came back!

I love that man, he was in Conan O'Brien's audience with his wife the other day. I'm so jealous of her. I'm a sucker for accents, lol. I found it to be hilarious when the camera went on Ereka to reveal that Omarosa was right next to her. She is quite evil, Omarosa that is. I watched the dateline special on the show and her husband Earl, he is seems like the whipped type. Even her hairdo screams evil lol. I gotta bounce guys bye.


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