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Tuesday, April 13, 2004


What a beautiful title, huh? Hehe, I got earworm from VH1's Best Week Ever. An earworm is a catchy song that has moved into your brain and it will not get out. Currently, "Hey Mama" by Black Eyed Peas has infested my brain. And when I'm alone, I dance to it, actually, it's just full out ass shaking session. I'm trying to spark some inspiration into my little brain of mine. This is annoying because I usually get bursts of inspiration but recently, I've been going through a dry spell. I hope I get over it soon.

Karibian staged a fight with me in front of the freshmen. He's such a dork and quite the actor I must say. I don't feel like writing tomorrow, so I guess I'm going to do some correcting or whatever the hell he wants to me to do. I did hand in my romance fic to him ...ack I hope he doesn't think I'm sex obsessed or anything. It's not smutty because I'm not comfortable with writing that kind of stuff yet, it's just sensual. I'm proud of it though, I was listening to "Sweetest Sin" by my favorite domestic diva, Jessica Lachey when I wrote it. Although the next story that I'm handing into him is the total opposite. If my memory serves me right, I think Jolicoeur said, "I read your story. You man hater." LOL It should be fun to see Karibian's reaction.

In pop culture we watched the rest of "Blackboard Jungle" That is one unintentionally funny film. Brouse didn't burst into song though which makes me sad because I was ready to show everyone my jazz hands. It's weird to see how it was like in the 50's and how women were consider "Sexy" if they wore a dress that showed their calf. I love the slang of that era too so cheesy. And in plant and animal science we're going to be doing a whole lot of nothing for the rest of the week. The Juniors are going to be gone tomorrow and Thursday they're doing model UN. I'm going to miss Paul Parks or as Jill says, "Paaul Paaaks" LOL Oh how I will miss his pepper dance that looks like he's doing a Hawaiian diddy. Or his precious sprinkler dance. I have a crush on Paul not sex crush. A crush just means that I like his personality and that I see him as a friend. A sex crush is mostly physical, but you can like them as a person as well and you'd want to sleep with that person. For example, I have a crush on Paul but a sex crush on Hugh Jackman. Another example, I have a crush on Erika but I have a sex crush on Rob Estes. See? I gotta go now, bye all!


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