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Wednesday, April 07, 2004

....New and Old lessons...

I know that I said in my previous entry that I would continue but that was days ago! I'm no longer feeling the way that I did when I wrote that, so, I'm not going to really continue it. I'll just say that I'm not destined to have a best friend for whatever reason.

Today, was the first day of 4th quarter. It looks like I'm going to have another easy and final quarter. I'm not emotional about leaving school. I mean, I will miss some of the teachers and my friends but not the school and my graduating class as a whole. Hence why I'm not going to prom. Anyway, pop culture seems like a great class because I have been told that we only have four tests and that includes the final and we just do a whole lot of nothing. But we are going to play trivial pursuit!!! I've never played but I know that I'm going to love it because I'm obsessed with pop culture and there are a lot of useless facts in my head about it! Brouse is pretty entertaining because he's like a one man musical, he'll burst into song (he has a really good folk singer voice) and then go right back into lecturing LOL. I kid you not people!

There's this girl named Jenna who is nice but she is the only person from my last quarter class that is truly happy to see me! lol. It's the oddest thing, I think she's cool even though we've only spoken to each other twice. I'm convinced the only reason she has interest in me is because I said that I could do a weird leg trick. She demanded to see it but I've never shown her and I think she's hoping that she'll charm me into doing the trick. That's not going to happen lol. She clapped for me when I presented my Goonies board game too, she's a sweetie and ya know what, her boyfriend is pretty cool too. So, I'm going to display my Blaccent and give a shout out to my home girl Jenna yo! Hollaz! LMAO I'm total dork!

Third block I have my independent study in creative writing with Karibian. I love that man and I don't mean that in a romantic lolita kind of way either!You perverts! In the words of my older sister Phea, "Eww gross!!" lol He's a great teacher and a great guy as well. He's teaching English freshmen, and he happens to be the in the same room where I had English for freshmen and sophomore year. As I typed up the outline and character descriptions for "Revelations of the Night" I listened in on his class discussion about Romeo Juliet. A lot of them haven't seen the remake with Leo DiCaprio and Claire Danes. When I mean a lot, I mean that only two people have seen it! No one knew who Claire Danes was and I almost butted in and said "My So-Called Life" or "The Mod Squad" but then I remembered that they would have been to too young to know the show or the movie. that very moment I felt kind of old lol. The more I listened, the more I realized how little they know and oddly enough, I never thought that I would ever feel this way about a group of people. I'm assuming I was the same way when I was a freshmen and so, I guess that I've grown during these past four years without really knowing it.

I'm looking forward to the course and when I'm feeling unmotivated to write, I'll do some correcting. Karibian said I could of course, I'm not too confident with my grammar skills but oh well. He offered me some of his lunch, which was nice of him. He's like a younger Mr. Griffin because they are the only teachers who have actually offered me food lol and Griffin has actually bought me breakfast a few times as well. And the first time I walked into their classes they were drawn to me and made it a point to talk to me. Weirdos lol I kid, I kid. It's always the outgoing teachers that are interested in me. Anyway, I just wanted wish them and their families the best of luck because they deserve it. Night all.


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