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Friday, April 09, 2004


Today in pop culture we played trivial pursuit! I did all right I guess, of course I didn't know any of the questions that I got but I knew almost everyone else's. That's the only time when I get really competitive. I feel that trivial games is definitely my strength and I can get crazy, ALMOST like Monica from Friends. I'm not the quiet, distant type when I get competitve, I'm the total opposite! It's horrible, because if one of my fellow teammates messes up I become frustrated and I know that I shouldn't. Oh well, I'll need to work on that :)

I don't know why, but lately I've been playing old and new school R&B on my comp. "Hey Mama" by Black Eyed Peas is total booty shaking song. And "Fuck It" by Eamon and it's companion "Fuck You Right Back" by Frankee has been playing nonstop on my computer. I can't get enough of "I'm Goin' Down" by Mary J. Blige, she has so much soul and her voice is just booming. I'm so obsessed with it, that I fall asleep with one of the songs in my head.

I see it as escape, I guess. I mean, my Mom has been, well up until two seconds ago, off my back. The woman needs drama and it just frustrates me, I hate it. I'm actually happy when on weekdays because I rarely get to see my parents because of their work. I know that was kind of random but she was getting on back about not washing a pan and how she always has to tell me what to do. Whatever, the grass will ALWAYS be greener on the otherside in her mind, so I'll just ignore her because she causing herself unneeded stress, and frankly, I don't want any of it.

Back to the music, Frankee's reply to Eamon is so harsh yet sooo funny! In a way, I'm kind of on her side. Even though she cheated on him, he didn't have the right to talk behind her back and try to ruin her. Yet, he claims to still love and care for her? He's not any better than she is. I hate guys like that especially after breaking up with a girl, they feel like they have the right tell the world everything.

Like 50 cent after breaking up with Vivica A. Fox, he went on Howard Stern and told him everything. He was laughing with him and his boys. He even wrote a song about her. Jackasses. I didn't like him to begin with but after seeing that, I went from disliking him to hating him. Did anyone see how he got all pissed off at the Grammy's when Evanescence walked away with "Best New Artist" and while they were getting up, he gave them the evil and walked out of the auditorium? He assumed since Eminem is his mentor that he'd gain the same success and awards. WRONG! Evanescence has true talent and they deserved that award, and best of all they've never once had to repeat a sob story just to get publicity. I don't give a fuck if he got shot nine times in the face, knowing the way that he acts, he probably deserved it and with the cocky attitude he has, I wouldn't be surprised if it happened again. Sorry about my little rant, I just can't stand him.

Anyway, this doesn't just go for guys, ah-hem Tara Reid dissing Carson on Howard Stern anyone? I just think that it's low and down right spiteful. They're also cowards if they say "But I still love her though" after talking all that shit. And, it's pathetic that they need to exploit their past relationships to get attention or to sell records. I even wrote a poem about it, which I will post one day. I put myself in a certain singer's position and explained her side of the story. I'm getting quite tired, so I'm going to bed now. Night my beauties with fine bootys.


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