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Wednesday, April 14, 2004

.....Independent Study.....

As of right now, I am currently in my independent study working on-well, "working" on my short story "Retribution". Karibian just caught me typing and said that he wants to read my blog. HA! He doesn't know the URL, so he's not going to see it.

Anyway, "Retribution" was inspired by "You Thought Wrong" by Kelly Clarkson and Tamyra Grey. When I first heard the song I came up with a music video concept. It was strange yet exciting at the same time. Those girls have a great set of pipes on them! I really felt their anger, which motivated me even more. I actually considered contacting Kelly with this concept. Then, I remembered what happened when I e-mailed the The Calling with a concept. I got no reply whatsoever. Ah well. I decided to turn my concept into a short story.

I love McG (Director of Charlie's Angels and many music videos) I love his style and so, the story is very slick. With fast cars, hot ladies, swank mansions and of course I had throw in a club. Alos, I think this story is an ode to the digital age with mobile phones, computers and other techie toys.

This fic is definitely plot driven. It's about two girls, Audrey and Jade they've been played by the same man, Mark. To get revenge, they come up with an elaborate plan. Will they get away with it? I'm not saying a word! It's very Ocean's 11 like with a big heist going on. I loved writing it and I hope Karibian enjoys it as well. Or maybe he will side with Jolicoeur and call me a "man hater." LOL I still can't help but to laugh when I remember that.

This is totally off-track but when I was still in yearbook (that horrid class) I would browse through (which is now taken down!) and just drool at pics of shirtless male celebs. One day, while I was browsing Jolicoeur was passing through the room and said hi to me. I had a look of guilt on my face when I answered and he knew it lol. He came over and caught me looking at Erik Von Detten's shirtless form. Ah good times lol.

The bell is about to ring in two minutes and then, the freshmen will return. Thirty five minutes later, I will leave and dine with Erika and Allyson. Then, I will go to Plant and Animal Science do a whole lot of nothing. Fun! I really hope that that tarantula doesn't escape her tank. At least on Friday, we're going to watch Seabiscuit. Hopefully, I won't be distracted by Tobey's fiery red hair while watching the film.

I'm not quite in the mood to work on "Retribution" and I forgot to save the outline for "Presence" on one of my many floppys, so I can't really work on that either. So, I guess I'll just have to keep writing in this little blog of mine until my 35 minutes is up.

Karibian is doing grammar now. I hated doing that when I was in that class. I mean, god, I loathe it with a passion. Granted, I am writer but there are always downsides to each profession and grammar is one of them. Along with editiing, it's just so tedious! Mrs. White tried to make it as easy as possible and she did. But then again, I don't really remember what I learned except for the basics. Other than that, I feel like banging my head against the wall when the word "grammar" is even mentioned.

I have 15 minutes left and counting. Let's see, I've started an "We Love the 80's" thread at and only one person has replied to it. Thanks Captain Zippy! It's our own version of VH1's "I Love the 80's" just well, with us doing the commentary. I'm not even going to try to be like Michael Ian Black or Mark McGrath, those guys are hilarious. Although maybe I should be like Mo Rocca and change my user name to a rapper's name. Granted, Mo is just his nickname but I can't help but to think of Jay-Z when I hear his name.

A few observations that I made are about New Kids on the Block, Fullhouse, big hair and Saved By the Bell. I know that I'm forgetting a lot but that's what I posted to start the thread. I will admit, I did wear leg warmers in second grade. That's right, I was styling. Punky Brewster was my hero, "Punky Power!!" Solei Moon Frye is awesome. Of course, Goonies is one of my ultimate 80's movies. Although, I'm obsessed with John Hughes film as well. And, big hair; the higher the hair, the closer to God. My sister had a perm and she must have been an angel because her hair was sky high! Personally, I was a fan of Fraggle Rock. Those little construction guys were so cute and I sympathized with them. They worked on those little clear buildings and the fraggles would just eat them! LOL I was always secretly hoping that they would plan a revolt against the Fraggles and overtake them with their little bulldozers and their chubby little bodies. It did freak me out that fraggles seeked guidance from a pile of leaves. Was he supposed to be like their sensei or something? Did the heap even have a name? Like, Mr. Miyagi or Yoda?

Speaking of the "Karate Kid" what ever happened to Ralph Macchio? Granted, I've only seen like three of his films but I thought that he was a pretty good actor. I watched the third "Karate" movie a few days ago. I don't think Miyagi even ages, he's like the Asian Dick Clark. I didn't know that Elisabeth Shue was in the first "Karate" movie. I gotta go, the lunch bell is about to ring. Later all.


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