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Friday, June 15, 2007

....Reunited: Jon and Angie......

Last night Angie made her third appearance on The Daily Show with my lovely Jewy Jon Stewart (Jewy is his word not mine). As usual both of them were charming, cute and Jon was funny showing his fondness for her. It was clearly obvious that they both have a genuine respect and affinity for each other. She greeted him with a warm hug and not the usual professional handshake. I thought two things when I saw that:

"Awww, I knew it I wasn't too off when it came to their friendship."

The second thought...the Kathy Griffin in me said, "You're never going to get that, Seacrest! Suck on that!"

And that is why I keep the KG in me silent.

She watches the show all the time too :) I can't think of better way of ending my night with Brad, Jon and Stephen...oh wait, I know, throw in Keith. Yes, I'm a newsmen ho, get over it.

Even though I loved the entire interview there were some highlights like Jon saying that they've been friends for a long time before asking her if a burka can contain her hotness. It was then followed by him saying that she's our greatest weapon against extremism. Although he forgot to mention that her and Brad are our country's most valuable export because they don't have to travel to Albania to get some international love.

The play date line, Brad and Tracey must have loved that one lol Unless Jon wasn't just referring to him and Angie...hmmm...hawt. And they quickly touched/held hands.

Angie and Brad are up to the challenge of having a large family and Jon supports them by saying that they're the adults and calling the kids little bastards, oh Jon lol

When they talked about whole banning the press and/or fox ordeal it didn't surprise me. Her people are much guarded than her. Once when she promoting TR2, she was doing a live feed interview with Good Day LA and when Dorothy asked her about being open with dating men or women, Angie smiled, chuckled a little and said, "Ok" then her live feed was cut off! lol She didn't seem bothered by it but her people (who had warned Dorothy not to ask personal questions) were none too pleased.

One more thing about how Fox News called her a hypocrite regarding freedom of speech, that applies to the GOVERNMENTAL suppression of free speech not individuals. The FCC didn't fire Don Imus his bosses did, they punished him for his "free speech". And the Laugh Factory has banned the N word from their stage and they have right to just like how Arianna removed death threats against Cheney from huffingtonpost because it's her blog, her rules. And that crazy bitch Coulter has never been arrested for all the bile she's spewed, she's just been dropped from a few conservative publications. *END OF RANT*

The interview ended with them holding hands which was lovely because anyone just tuning in could see the platonic bond between them. All in all I was a very happy fan girl seeing two of my favorite people just enjoying each other. Let's hope it doesn't take another four years for it to happen again.

Here are some other videos involving mostly Stephen and Jon talking about Angie and Brad.

Stephen takes a swipe at a certain someone..and the thought of Angie being a Supreme Court Justice surprises no one in the audience lol

This is the time Stephen offered to Angie. lol

Stephen talks about the Jolie-Pitt baby bump aka Shiloh with Iraq war vet Paul Rieckoff This was before she was born.

Stephen asks about the baby bump again it's at the end.

Stephen doesn't say her name...

Even when talking to Anderson Cooper Jon shows his love for Angie.

What's in the box?!

A river and Stephen

Stephen v. Clooney
  • Watch it

  • Stephen suspects Brad...

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