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Friday, May 25, 2007

.....KO, foes and Ro.......

As expected, the democrats (with a few exceptions) gave into Bush. They're going to continue to fund this war until September. The optimist in me believed that they would at least hold out until late summer because then the lack of funding would actually effect the troops but they didn't. In this case they're waiting for General Petraues report which will probably ask for more troops because he is a company man.

This strikes me as being odd because the donkey is the symbol of the democrats but it's Bush who is being the total jackass. His stupidity and stubbornness is frustrating, annoying and disgusting. This wasn't "bipartisanship" as he claimed, he held his breath like a little spoiled brat until he got his way. And during a press conference this week he tried to use the fear card against reporters (like David Gregory) who questioned him. He kept on saying that terrorists are going to go after their children. Apparently, he doesn't realize that with the exception of Fox Noise most Americans don't believe his bullshit anymore. It's because of this "macho"/"protector" attitude, we as a country have gained more foes than allies. But again, he is so into his bubble of a world to see the damage he has done at home and abroad.

Anyway, KO delivered a superb Special Comment this past week and he didn't hold anything back. He said he would give the democrats six months before going after them and he stayed true to his words.

While bridges began burning between the democrats and anti-war folks, the same can be said about Rosie, Elisabeth and the View. Last Wednesday's show was the most intense eternity that I've ever witnessed on television. From my perspective this fight between Rosie and Elisabeth was about more about friendship than politics.

The week before Rosie had posed a question about who the terrorists were to Elisabeth since the US invaded Iraq and the result is the deaths of thousands of Iraqi civilians. Some pundits took it as her either calling the troops terrorists or her implying that concept. On Monday's show, instead of defending Rosie, Elisabeth explained how they can "draw a link" with her words. Unlike these pundits, Elisabeth knows Rosie, she's been to her home and their children played together. Yet, she yelled at her during the fight to "defend to her insinuations" as if Rosie intentionally insinuated that the troops were terrorists. And as her friend, I would think that she would already know the answer. Rosie hates the owner (Bush) but she loves the team (troops) and Elisabeth knows that, she just couldn't say it when it mattered.

This fight was a deterioration of a friendship and of a business relationship. Now that's Rosie's gone from The View, so will I and many others. She was the one that resurrected the show and now, it looks as if she was the only one that could.

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