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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

.....Another Candle on the Cake..........

In the words of Chi chi Rodriguez, today I was birthed :)I know that this is supposed to be my day but when I think about the number of candles on my cake, my mind drifts to our troops. Most of them are my age and they have probably celebrated one, two even three of their birthdays in a war zone instead of with their families and friends. Some of them won't have opportunity to do so because they'll either come home in a flag covered coffin or their tour will be extended.

And for what? A President that can't admit to his own mistakes. Instead of trying to put to an end to this war he's going to push it off onto the next president. His own party continues to throw around words "defeat", "embolden our enemies", and "victory" when in their hearts they know that this war has been lost. The only one who has said it, albeit in a Freudian slip, is John McCain - yet they press on with the same rhetoric.

Even though it pains me to admit this, the Dems can't break the president on this and so, we'll have to wait until 2008 to bring our troops home. At least then this war will belong to the President's and his party.

So before I blow the candles on my cake surrounded by my loved ones, I'll think of those who aren't as fortunate.



  • Yet another brilliant and touching post. Glad to have found your blog again Mrs. D! Hope you had a wonderful birthday and that this is an excellent year for you and your family. Looking forward to getting my updates via your site. Well done, and keep up the great posts!


    By Blogger Goonie17, at 10:17 AM  

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