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Friday, April 27, 2007

...Rudy gets KO'd....

He deserves it. This past week he pulled a Bush and Cheney move by saying that a terrorist would happen in the Dems take the White House. This fear tactic didn't work for the midterms because the American people saw through it and so for him to try it now is to say the least, idiotic.

Although it tooks years to plan 9/11 happened under the Republicans watch so why would anyone think of them as being great protectors. When I saw Republicans I'm including Rudy. He did nothing to prepare the city for a terrorist attack and he had eight years. The command center was in the WTC! Yes, the same WTC that was attacked in '93 and despite being told to move the location of the command center somewhere else he didn't. Now, the first-responders are dying of cancer and respiratory infections because of his incompetence.

I could not care less that he's socially liberal like I am. He's proven that he's no better or different than Bush and Co.

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