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Sunday, April 01, 2007

....Thanks to the 'Liberal Media'....

Unlike Vietnam, this country has been shielded from this war. We don't see video footage of fallen troops coming home in flag covered coffins and amputees. Up until now, we had no idea what Iraq is really like for our troops. While they're fighting for their lives our president tells us to live ours and shop. Well thanks to 'Liberal' MSNBC and Richard Engels, we now know the reality that our troops and journalists deal with in Iraq.

It's utter chaos wrapped in pure horror. There are constant bombings, body parts and corpses are scattered in the streets. Bodies are tied to vehicles and are dragged while Iraqis cheer and run alongside this morbid act. Iraqi families don't want to leave their homes because they fear of not coming back. Their orphanages are filled with children who are either orphans or their parents gave them up hoping to save their lives. And unfortunately, the Iraqi government doesn't allow international adoption. These children have not benefited from this war.

Richard Engels and MSNBC's cameras gave us a peek into what they (and to a lesser extent, the troops) experienced in Iraq. They switched hotels two times because they had been bombed. And every time Richard or his fellow journalist set foot into the streets they ran the risk of being killed, kidnapped or both. One of their own reporters were kidnapped but thankfully he was released unharmed. However, their trust with one of their Iraqi employees was broken because this young man had faked his own kidnapping in hopes of extorting money from Richard and MSNBC. His life was so dire that he didn't think twice of betraying a group of people that cared and provided for him but they were Americans - the enemy - so it wasn't difficult for him to do.

The interesting part of the documentary is Richard's personal confessions that he had taped himself. He saw horrific images like dead bodies in the streets being eaten by dogs. Bullets came through his hotel room windows. His marriage fell apart because he was living in a war zone while his wife was back home picking out curtains. He was almost kidnapped.

Richard is only a reporter, I can't fathom what the troops go through. We're putting them in danger and for what? Democracy? That's not going to happen because the fighting between the Sunnis and Shia has existed for hundreds of years and the only guy that knew how to keep both of them in their respective corners..he's dead. The longer we occupy the country; the number of dead Iraqis will eventually trump Saddam's body count. Our Troops weren't sent there to police a civil war yet that's what they're doing. If the Iraqis really wanted democracy they would have done so by now and they haven't because like Siamese fighting fish they're not going to stop until one of them are annihilated.

As I was watching this powerful documentary I just knew that I would NEVER see this on "Fair and Balanced" Fox News. Because despite what they and their followers say, they are so far from being a news organization especially since Rupert Murdoch admitted their bias. The Walter Reed story didn't come from them, the New York Post, or the Washington Times, it was the "Liberal" Washington Post. Fuck Fair and Balanced and give me so-called 'Liberal Bias' because at least then, I'd get the truth.


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