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Sunday, March 18, 2007

...We're Forgiven?.......

The past couple of years have really opened up my eyes. Also, I've realized how great we had it when was Bubba in the White House and the Republicans running the house and senate, there was an actual balance. It unfortunately took me two years to realize this because I made the mistake of giving W a chance. Even though I can't turn back the clock and tell myself to stop being indifferent to the news and politics...a part of me still wishes I could.

So, the first time I had heard the song "We're Forgiven" I didn't connect it to the world around me because at time we were living in the "Watch what you say" post 9/11 era where I was blissfully ignorant of our president and his policies. At first, I wrote story called A Second Thought based on the song. Six years later, I appreciate it on a whole different and deeper level. I made a video set to "We're Forgiven" and it reflects how I feel about this country and the world.

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