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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

...Stephen and Angie: The First time...

He mentioned her on the show. I remember it well, because it shocked the hell out of me. I mean, how dare someone pick on Jennifer Aniston?! Blasphemy! At 3:20 they start talking about Angie.

ETA: Damn there's no clock on this lol Well, it's towards the end of the interview where they start talking about Harriet Miers.

This is the time Stephen offered to Angie. lol

Stephen talks about the Jolie-Pitt baby bump aka Shiloh. This was before she was born.

Stephen asks about the baby bump again it's at the end.

Stephen doesn't say her name...

Even when talking to Anderson Cooper Jon shows his love for Angie.

What's in the box?!

A river and Stephen

Stephen v. Clooney
  • Watch it

  • Stephen suspects Brad...

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