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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

......The Week In BAMZ.........

Disclaimer:This is all about BAMZ, so if you're a hater I must ask, why are you here? Insulting me will not change my mind, yes it's fun I know but it's wasted webspace and compared to my Bennifer 2 entries I've been pretty kind to Aniston and have not dedicated an entry hating on her. Put the tiki torches away because I moderate the comments so your efforts will be fruitless. But if you're a fan, welcome! I hope you enjoy my humble abode here on blogger and that you visit me again. This does not mean that I will abandon my 10 Items entries, I just decided that my beloved BAMZ needed their own weekly update.

Hello my fellow BAMZ babies! Technically, this should be the "The Weeks in BAMZ" entry but I was in a pensive mood for the past few weeks so I had to get that taken care, just scroll down to see what I mean. So, let's get this shizzy started and as always, I have to credit Just Jared, and the lovely folks at Brad and for the pictures!

1. Just a day after the adoption announcement, Papa Pitt and Maddox aka Braddox, dined in NYC at what else, a space themed restaurant. Madd is really into outerspace, he does have awesome moonboots! Papa Pitt just looks so damn proud!

2. Since Mama Jolie was/is filming the Good Shepard in NYC, her and Madd went shopping in Whole Foods and it does look like she may have went into the vitamin section..prenatal? If I had skillz with Adobe I'd be able to tell you but I don't bitches. Some very cute pictures though.

Take that you bottom feeders! You're lucky that I'm too young to know what finger to stick up!

3. Mama Jolie, Zahara and I believe Holly are running some errands and went into a courthouse in California. No marriage license had been revealed yet so don't freak out. Although you can clearly see that Zahara wants to stick out her tongue but she is a lady, so she is instead embracing her mama's boobies.

4. It looks as if Mama Jolie is not a procrastinator when it comes to holiday shopping! Snaps for her! Here she is wearing her trademark color and a top that has some wondering if she is hiding something or perhaps, she just got her monthly bill and is bloated. Love the LV bag, my sister has a knockoff version!

5. Merry Xmas and happy holidays to all, especially BAMZ! Papa Pitt, Mama Jolie and Zahara picked out a Christmas tree last Sunday. Ah, the domestic life is fabulous.

Is it just me? Or am I the only hearing the stifled screams of Vanity Fair's Leslie Bennett and E! News vertical lemon-headed host Giuliana DePandi coming from the bed of the truck? Nah, I'm just hearing things.

6. Ms. Jolie met with her agents this week but it is unknown what she discussed with them...possible projects or did she reveal a bit of personal news that also begins with a p?

Love the boots, Brad knows them too well since they've probably left marks on his back. Mama Jolie by day, Mistress Jolie by night.

7. The following days were pretty uneventful. Brad had a dinner with a lady friend which was fodder for Rabid Jennifer fans and Angelina had dinner as well sans Brad. I'm not posting pics b/c well, they're boring and they're not with the kids.

8. While sporting a black poncho, Mama Jolie picked Maddox up from his last day of school on the 16th. The spiderman lunchbox rules and so do his silver moonboots.

9. And this past weekend Ms. Jolie finished moving into Casa de Brad soon to be Casa de Jolie-Pitt!

That's it for now my lovelies! Look out for the 10 Items or less update this Christmas! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

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